Advice please.

Very new to running but not to fitness. Did not take athletics serious at school but was always a winner in sports days (Amatuer I know) did the marathon this year in my opinion a poor time of 04:27 but that was with no training and many small injuries as a result of over playing my sport of football. Started to get really into running though and want to join a club with the view to maybe finding my best possible event and also to just run I live in south east london in thamesmead an would love someones help or any advice. All would be welcomed!


Ronnie Mewes 


  • Ronnie are you saying you did the marathon with no training what so ever..

  • Well I play for a local football team who train once a week and play sundays but the standard is pretty low especially fitness wise and i maybe ran a total of ten times prior to the marathon...

  • image Ronnie if you think thats a poor marathon time on zero training listen quitety for the gasp's of shock up and down the uk as people read that. You did good. image

  • Thanks image hopefully I get a place this year and with training can hit my goal of 330!
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