100m final

RicFRicF ✭✭✭

Wow! Bolt retains his 100m title. Afterwards, Bolt and Blake fall into the arms of their families and friends. Justin Gatlin falls into the arms of his doctor, chemist whatever.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    cynical Ric, but probably true.

    Being caught for drugs should mean a ban from the Olympics simple as. You can't stop them competing in other stuff, because it would be all of that namby pamby "human rights" type territory, but you shouldn't be allowed at the Olympics.

  • Part of me did smile when Chambers failed to make the final. At least if you cheat, cheat & win. what's the point in cheating & comming 4th.

    Was bliddy fast though... 

  • it amazes me to think how fast they get, i tried putting it in terms for my son last night, we estimated that (due to his slow start) that in order to run that time, he must have been covering 11/12 meters a second (39 ft), that's mental.

  • The final lived up to expectations. A Bolt win and a Olympic Record is good for the games. It would have been great to see Gemeli in the final but Chambers is like an unwanted gatecrasher at a party. He blew his chances a long time ago. Surely no sponsor would ever want any part of him.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    MS, you are right about the speed of these guys. I was on the track at Battersea having just run (and won) a 10000m and went and watched some 10 second level sprinters doing some training. When you are standing in a position to see a runner hit 11m per second plus whilst coming towards you, you wonder how it is possible for a human to move so fast.

  • For me the winner was Bolt Gold, Blake Silver and Gatlin tarnished - on no account should he have been anywhere near the stadium as anything other than a spectator - I know feelings run high regards to Chambers, but if Gatlin etc were there - then so should he have been - I was sorry he managed to get beyond his heat to be honest but lets face it even on drugs he wouldn't have got to the final.

    And what about Powell - what is it with that guy - is he a choker?

  • Unless I've misunderstood it, we did have to follow due to a legal ruling.

  • I really don't get how our governing bodies such as the BOA made a poor judgment as you say, they were very much against including Chambers until they were left with no (legal) option.


    Personally I find the whole thing abhorrent for the reasons you say, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree blaming organisations like the BOA.

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