Weight trainings part in running

Just curious to know how many people like to incorporate a weights program to aid the running that they do. Or people that simply run a program like that alongside running how do you think it affects you if at all?


  • tino2510tino2510 ✭✭✭

    I incorporate weights into my training but always struggled in the latter part of marathon training to fit it in. Now only do 2 weight sessions per week, medium weights and high reps (15-20 per set). Overall it does help especially recovering from injury.

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    I do Body Pump classes or do my own weight based circuits (using dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells) on the gym floor twice a week. I am a firm believer that weight training is an essential complement to running. For example, running mainly works the lower body so if I want a balanced body I need to pay attention to my upper body and core as well. Personally, I just can't imagine running up a killer hill without having these strong legs that I built during Body Pump!

  • I agree and I incorporate weights heavily and although it takes a huge effort your body shows that effort and after a while you will adapt
  • I do mostly compound weights and wide-grip pullups / tricep dips. I do the 'big three' lifts twice a week with 80% max weight for 5-8 reps. I swap standing press for bench press, because you don't lie down to run!

    I find this routine keeps my lower back feeling healthy and generally keeps me more injury-resistant when running. I've never seen any benefit personally from going over 12 reps on any resistance-based exercise.
  • I came into running from a boxing/martial arts/bodybuilding background......and to be honest, much as I love my running, I don't want to end up having the typical upper body of a distance runner. Its just a cosmetic thing. For as long as my running times keep improving I'll keep it up.

    I have given up bodybuilding but still incorporate high rep (10-20) weights exercises for every muscle group (I do an abdominal workout too). It might have some benefits to me as a runner.............but honestly, I'd imagine that the weight I'd lose if I gave up all weight training would possibly benefit my running more.

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