2013 UK Marathon any recommendations?



  • I bet that you will still thrash me image


  • James Shipley 3 wrote (see)

    I'm doing the Luton marathon which is in November

    is that an Easymarathon?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    VERY unlikelyimage I'm sure you'll speed past us!
  • Emmy, I'm trying to do a "sub3in3in3". I'm doing London, Manchester and Milton Keynes on consecutive weekends and trying to go under 3hs in the all, as part of my Comrades build-up. 

    Good luck with your 3 in 3 days.  It looks tougher than my one.  Where are the other 2? 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Ally, what a challenge that is! I wish you the best of luck for all of those! I'd love to do sub 3! What time are you aiming for at comrades? Are you doing any specific hill training for it?

    The may triple is:

    Sat: Bewl marathon

    Sun: Richmond park marathon

    Mon: Milton Keynes

    We're just trying some different things this year to play with training plans. We did a double in January, 3 marathons in 3 weekends in February and then this is the challenge for may.
  • Ive just done the enigma Quadzilla 4 in 4 days, it's in Milton Keynes, they put a lot of events on, lots of double weekends etc. google Enigma Running.

    Duchy marathon next week in Cornwall, Barcalona, Taunton then ill be chasing the Ally of not enough hills for some sub 3s at VLM, Manc and Milton Keynes.

    Never done it but I have just entered Abingdon in October, near Oxford. suppose to be a good marathon. Fast as well I hear. I know it fills fast so must be good.

    So many marathons to do! So many new events popping up!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Muzza - I'm a regular at enigma too. I've just signed up to do the quad next year!
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