Simple training plan for sub 45 minute 10k

Hi, I have recently started running and triathlon training again after a 4 year break due to back operation. Previously i was running around 49 minute 10k's or 50 minute 10k's as the final leg of an Olympic length triathlon. I now have established a good base fitness and am running 52 minute 10k's in training but have not raced a 10k or competed in a triathlon of that length since starting running again.

I would like to speed up over 10k and try and get my time down to under 45 minutes - please can i have some tried and tested training plan suggestions? I am currently running between 25-30 miles per week, i have just started using a heart rate monitor and have a max heart rate of 185 and i am 35. Thank you! image


  • If it is any help to you, I have noticed a very considerable improvement in my 5-10ks having (quite recently) started tempo runs and intervals.

    Have a read of the book "Run Less, Run Faster."

    I only run 3x a week. Intervals Monday, tempo Wednesday, long fell run Friday/Saturday.

    In between I swim and train with weights.

    As a relative novice myself (19:20 5k) I would say that I tend to start out waaaay too fast and burn out quickly if I am not watching (get it?) my GPS to monitor the pace. Maybe you are starting too quickly or slowly and that alos needs addressing?

    Hope that helps.

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