Worksop 1/2 v Maccelsfield 1/2

Has anyone done both of these?  I did Worksop in 2010 where I got my p.b. although didn't find it an easy course (hilly towards the end)  I'm doing macc half this year, lots of reviews on it. Some say hilly & challenging, some say undulating & not as bad as they they thought. I'm just wondering if I will find Macc as challenging as Worksop?image




  • I'll get my t'other half to reply - he's done both image

  • Worksop has a bigger hill but not as back other than when your on it Mac is more undulating and would say it's a harder course. They do have nice tec tops at the end through and you finesh in a running track which is nice. image

  • Cake and Sarah the book are married?
  • Well I'll go to our house!!
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Well I'll go to our house!!

    I had to google what that meant! imageimage

  • Thanks allimage  I googled it also.

    Think I will be totally "paggered" running the macc. Doing it with brother who lives that way so its got to be done!

  • I had to google 'paggered' too image

    Might see you there if Mr. Cake wants to do it again this year image

  • image It's same day as warwickshire tri or would be there. image

  • I knew what paggered meant. I bet they know in Worksop too. Done that race a few times. Really good but not the Macc one so can't compare.
  • Yes worksop a good race, god knows how I set my pb there as its not the easiest!  We have some mates in Worksop and chuffin this, chuffin that & chuffin ell are used on a regular basis!

    Knowing what the terrain is like up my brothers way I think i will have a plod round macc and enjoy the scenery. No point in burning out at 10 miles & ive got plenty of experience in doing that in the past!!

  • image Peter if you fancy some more of the same there is a good half in Clowne near sheffield a month or so later.

  • Many thanks for that cake, so long as it doesn't involve the 7 hills of sheffieldimage 

  • image It might be on the hilly side. Nothing to bad just a nice day out.

  • Sounds good, thanks for info, very reasonably priced as wellimage

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