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I just signed up for a 1/2 IM on the 19th of this month (less than 2 weeks...) after training all year for sprint and olympic. What do i do now? Is there any point getting out for long bike rides / runs over the next week or is it too late for that?


  • If you can get a 35-40 miler and 8-9 mile brick out of the way in the next day or so, probably worth that, but other than that, just go a bit slower. You might want to revise your nutrition plan a bit and hydration requirement on bike (ie two bottles not one) and I'd certainly ugrade to wearing socks on the run at least, if not the bike. Oh, and have a good time.

  • Cheers Dustboy, I was thinking that it would have to be the next couple of days but I was racing yesterday so i might do more harm than good with a tough brick. Maybe a long bike tomorrow morning then a longish run tomorrow evening. I'm usually pretty good running off the bike so I think a couple of longer bike sessions will be more beneficial than bricks at this stage. I'll be wearing socks and carrying 2 bottles. Haven't decided whether or not to wear my racing shoes on the run. I haven't ran more than 10k in them yet.

  • I managed a 60k / 7k brick. Not really that long but happy enough with it. I'm hoping to get another 90k cycle before the weekend then an easy / rest week before the race. Do you usually take a few days off entirely or just do a couple of light sessions in the days before?

  • Good effort, that'll do it.

    I normally take about 4-5 days off before, but I am no spring chicken. Some like to spin out a bit a couple of days before though.

  • Racing this on Sunday and setting a very ambitious aim of 5 hours.. this is going to be completely dependent on not blowing up on the bike i think. I reckon swim in about 33 minutes, about 5 minutes for the 2 transitions and about 2:50 on the bike (about 3k long). Leaves me needing a 90 minute half marathon.. i think i'm kidding myself here image

  • No harm in having an ambitious target - like you say, if you avoid killing it on the bike you might be in with a shout.  What would you normally run a half in?

  • LOL, my half bike time is nearly your race time!

  • Well Dave i haven't actually raced a 1/2 marathon so i'm not sure.. i do 10k in about 34:30, and comfortably about 37 minutes in an olympic triathlon. Its a big step up for me obviously to aim for a 90 minute 1/2 after a 90k cycle. I think if i can start the run with fresh legs (same as olympic say) then i could possibly do it. Any tips to keep the legs fresh? The right food on the bike will probably be key. I have high5 zero electrolyte tablets which i've found to be very helpful so i'll bring 2 500ml bottles of that anyway. Not my race time yet Dustboy, only a lofty aimimage

  • Oh one other question, I have a pointy helmet that i've only worn a couple of times. Its not a particularly good one but is probably a little quicker over the short distances i've done alright. Do you think I should wear it or stick to the normal helmet? I wore it in a very hilly olympic race and towards the end there was very slightly discomfort.. nothing major. The course is very flat with long stretches of straight road.

  • Based on those run times then in theory 90 minutes should be comfortable, but obviously you haven't had a chance to build up running endurance, which makes it more interesting.  Best way of keeping the legs fresh is to remember it's a 90k bike and not start at your Olympic pace and try to hang on.  You'll probably feel it's very easy early on and want to push more, but you'll get the benefit later. 

    As for the helmet, stick with the normal one.  It's supposed to be a hot weekend and you'll be a lot cooler, with no worries about it getting uncomfortable.  Plus, if you drift outside your target time you can blame the helmet. image

  • Sounds good. I especially like the idea of blaming the helmet!! I'll stick with the tried and tested normal helmet. The cycle is 3 laps so i guess i'll take the first lap 'too easy' and then make a decision from there whether to up it a little for the next. I'm going for a lap of the cycle tonight so i'll have a good idea what to expect on Sunday.

  • So i just about managed the 5 hour mark crossing the line after 4:55. The swim and the bike were quicker than i was aiming for with 31:30 and 2:45 leaving me 1:40 to complete the run. The run was tough as it was mostly off road across beaches, steep rocky paths and soggy fields. The first lap was 43 minutes so i felt i had a good chance of breaking 1:30, but then i started hurting and just focused on the 5 hour mark. Had to expect that since i've barely run all year. Finished the run in 1:36. Pacing and nutrition on the bike were key so thanks for pushing those points guys! 

  • Great time, B_Kins!! image

  • thanks - very pleased image at least i will be when i can walk comfortably again!

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