Tempo Training

Hi, I am training for a 10k in September and this is a distance that I managed to run for the first time on Saturday! Could anybody advise know to go about tempo training please so that I can mix up my training and improve my speed. At the moment I plod along at around 6'32" per Kilometer but feel that I lack experience to really change and maintain different levels of pace. If I were aiming for a 30 minute tempo session am I over simplifying things to warm up for 10 mins try to run faster for 10 and cool down for 10? Any advice very much appreciated, S


  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    I'm also training for a 10k race in September, my current tempo runs are

    1 mile warm up @11mm

    3miles @ 9:30 - 10mm

    1mile cool down @ 11mm

    you can adjust the pace times to suit the pace you want to run the 10k

  • Cheers Stewart, will give it a go, S
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