Dear Sir or Madam, I have been running for about 30 years, I found that I had high cholesrerol about 20 years ago, (between 5&6), I thought that I was managing it by a low fat diet but about a year ago I started to slow down (more than for my age) and I was getting pains in my arms, No body seemed to know what it was even the Doctors & Casualty- I was sent home all O K luckily my friend did & packed me off to the Cardiologist, I was told I needed a quadruple Heart bypass, I was kept in Pembury Hospital for a week then transfered to Kings where I had my op. I think that I was rather fortunate that my Friend knew what the doctors missed & I have written this to warn other runners of the dangers of high cholesterol.Lionel Stielow


  • The two may not ncessarily be linked. My brother had to have a triple bypass and he has low cholesterol but a poor diet. I have naturally high cholesterol, which is managed by a combination of diet and a daily pill. A recent cardiogram during  a fitness exam showed my heart is in great shape.

  • Hi Lionel. 

    I recognise you as a familiar figure on the Kent road-race scene and we've spoken a couple of times before and after races. 

    Sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery and I'm sure all those miles of training will stand you in very good stead.




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