Complete Beginner - advise.

Hi guys,

Looking for a bit of advise really. Hope I have come to the right place.

Basically, I am very overweight and want to lose some weight. One of the ways I am going to try and do this is run (along with general gym excercises).

I am 29 and 22stone male. My job is just sitting a desk all day.

I found this:

and started it today with a 10 minute 'brisk' walk. I normally just plod along and get there when I get there (if that makes sense). I tried to walk at a brisk pace today and by the end of it I will admit I was tired. It is only 10 mins and I never do any excercise and very heavy. Not sure if that is expected. As per that guide, I dont do anything tomorrow. but do 15 mins on wednesday.


Do you think this is a good guide or should I be looking to do something different.

I am planning to do this in my 1 hour lunch at work (that is what I did today). As time goes on, I would like to try and do it before/after work also.


Any advise would be great. 


Thanks in advance.


  • Have a look at C25K - I know a few people who are following it and the rave about it.

  • The NHS do a C25k as well - complete with instructional podcasts


  • Yep I've heard brilliant things about the C25k but I think the one you have looks pretty good too. Depends which one you feel happiest with. Ultimately it's more important that you enjoy doing it otherwise it's hard to stick to. 

    Well done for completing the 10 minute faster walk - I'd have felt tired too. 

  • Matt it looks a good one.  Also don't be afraid if it's hard to just repeat some weeks if you need to until you feel you can cope at that level.  If it takes a week or two longer that's not the end of the world, but sticking with it will be worth it.

  • Seconded - I had to repeat a week from time to time.  Better to do that than push yourself too hard. image

  • Matt just remember that all the plans above are gineric plans and like about repeating a week might be better in the long run. Good lucka nd well done for doing it matie. image

  • Ok sensible female head on here!

    Because of your current sort of weight and lack of past fitness have you spoken to your doctor about your new interest in getting fit and running ? I think you should do and see what they say. Im not at all saying you shouldnt be getting exercise and running all im saying is becareful and get some advice. Gd lk .

  • Best of luck with it Matt, it takes a lot of courage to try to make changes in your life and you are taking steps in the right direction. Don't try to do too much too soon, and keep a record of your progress - it is very inspiring to look back at how far you have come. It will take time, but it will change your life.

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