Morning training - afternoon slump



I've recently started training (again) and find that the only way I can stick to a training programme (or any exercise) is to do it in the morning before work as otherwise I just wont do it.  However, by doing this I find around 2/3pm in the afternoon I get extremely tired to the point where concentrating is difficult.  Has anyone else had this and overcome it?  Is there anything that helps?  Any help would be much appreciated.




  • Would love to help - but I am exactly the same - I go out about 5;35am - make sure i have a big bowl of cereal afterwards and lunch around 1 but start to flag again around 3 -4.

  • Same here I get up at 5am to run and I suffer the 3 - 4 pm slump especially if I have not got much to do.image The only cure I have found is to go to bed really early but I don't like doing that as I would be going to bed at the same time as the kidsimage It just feels wrong.

    Lots of coffe does help a bit I guess.

  • maybe it is to do with what you are eatng when? I run early morning, but don't get an afternoon slump - although as a teacher my classes finish at 3:30 so I have a natural 'break' there - if I am staying at school for a meeting then I get chance for a drink, walk around, or if I am going home then I get a break before driving home.

    I eat brekki after running, have a snack around 10:45 - normall banana/apple and lunch at 12:45 (those times are dictated by the school timetable)


  • oh, and I don't drink much coffee as it tends to make me feel worse

  • ditch the coffee.... it's the drink that ruined America.image

    I would suggest it's a nutrition thing.

    Simple answer - get up earlier and run in the morning.  Join us on the SOC thread.

  • Thanks, I think your probably right on the nutrition thing any tips on what I should be eating to help me would be much appreciated image
  • Sorry I'm new to this, what's the SOC thread?
  • it is the 'who else gets up at stupid o'clock' thread

    there are quite a few of us on there that get up early to run before work - it is in the 'general' section of the forums

    nutrition - I generally have a bowl of porridge after running and before work. Fruit mid-morning, plus maybe some nuts if I am hungry and have some. lunch - normally a sandwich and fruit. If I have time to make a salad or something then I will have that at lunch.

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