Reported the French think something funny going on with our Oly cyclists



  • Is it that they're going around faster than theirs?

  • Super response from Chris Boardman last night - they are the same wheels we used in Beijing, they have been stored in plastic bags since then. They are round!

  • This always happend when someone (or in this case a country) dominate a sport...look at the crap that young Chinese swimmer suffered at the hands of the yank press when she stormed the race last week.....they can't accept that they peeked at the right time.

  • I hear that the French eat croissants for breakfast.

  • I'd guess they have stuck ceramic bearings in though if not in before.

  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    I hear that the French eat croissants for breakfast.

    Perhaps they should embrace Bran Flakes like Sir Chris

  • Theres an excellent article on the Inner Ring blog about this.

    We now have three heated indoor velodromes for our National Teams to train on in all weathers.  The French have none.


    So its pretty obvious why we are whooping their arses isnt it ? 

  • I was reduced to tears when the French Performance Director hinted that Team GB had "Magic" wheels and helmets hidden in secret bags in Chris Boardman's shed. You really can't make that sort of stuff up!

  • NoNoNo. MAVIC! LOL.

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