Best trainers for overprontation

So jealous of people who can have the lovely snazzy pink n purple lightweight nikes....all motion control support stability trainers are ugly (well, I have never seen a pretty one)!!

Anyway I have massive overpronation - any suggestions out there for best trainers for flatties like moi?


  • Excuse the horrible spelling error in title.

  • Depends on what fits and feels comfortable - I love Mizuno Inspire 7 for example although most people hate them!

    They're pretty snazzy looking too, although you couldn't really call them pretty.

    I would go and get some advice from somewhere like Sweatshop who can see you in the trainers and you can decide if they're comfortable.

  • I think you're right - it's a matter of going and trying them all. I am like a magpie with the bright pink pretty ones, they are never the ones I need though! image

    Thanks for the suggestion. 

  • New balence are good as they do a 2e wide fitting
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