Too old and too fat??

Hi everyone I used to run many many years ago,x- country was my thing,but now at 51 and badly overweight and yes blood pressure problems( on meds) I feel the need to start again, have i left it too late? Is it dangerous at my age and level of non fitness,any suggestions rude or otherwise greatly received. Thanks Andy.


  • Too late for what?  Too late to have a go?  Certainly not.  Is it dangerous?  Not really, but you should be sure to start out properly with a programme that you can stick to that doesn't break you within a couple of weeks.  Has your GP advised against exercise?

    Have a look at C25K - it starts out with walking and builds up to running 5k.  It's very good.

  • Hi thanks for replying,no the doc has said I am fine to do exercise but to start slowly.i will look at the programme you mentioned.where I live there are many miles of trails and tracks,do you think it matters if I run on those or should I use the roads to start with.
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    I started again on doctors 'orders' at 51 (end of 2010) have lost a lot of the weight - feel better than I have for years am currently running about 34 miles per week over 7 days with two speed sessions and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I run on the roads and sea walls as I don't have a choice of the trails - but I would go for the trails if I had the choice.

  • Thanks for that,it good to know that others have started later in life and that the effort is worth while,I am really looking forward to starting the beginners schedule suggested by intermanaut,it looks just the thing to get back into it again and if I can lose some weight as well it will be a bonus.
  • Go for it Andrew! As mentioned start slow and build up, I did the C25k a couple of years ago (was 51 then) but gave up after 6 months with back issues. I started again last month and still unable to jog 5k without walk breaks the last couple of k.

    As long as your not planning on a marathon next month or the 2016 'lympics things should be fine. Get some good shoes (pref with a gait analysis) and listen to your body. I'm not overweight but have read some good weight loss stories on here.


  • Thanks for your encouragement,2016 no but 2020 that's a different story,lol,any thoughts on makers of shoes,I was thinking Asics?
  • Best thing you can do is go to a specialist running shop (eg Sweat Shop, Runners' Need, or a good independent) and get them to advise on the best shoes for you. They'll look at the way you move, and what you'll be using them for. Asics are a good make, but they might or might not suit you, so it's best to get professional advice. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the advice RR image
  • Yup, as RR says, find out what your gait is and try on several pairs - if your really hard faced you can go away and think about it then search the web for a cheaper price (though you'll probably feel better paying a little more since you'll have a free gait test).

    If your doing trails and tracks you may need an off road shoe so tell them the terrain you'll mainly be running on.

  • Thanks,will do. There is a shop local to me that uses a treadmill and a dynamic footpad to assess your feet,I will try there,it especially caters for runners and tri athletes so should know what they are doing,cheers Andy.
  • Andrew

    Never too old or too fat. I seem to be exactly in the same boat. I am 54 and was a running nut upuntil six years ago. Not done a lot since but yesterday decided enough was enough! I am now 13st 1lb (11st 2lb when I was running well) and feeling unfit. So after not having been out since May (another comeback that failed) I am out again for 3 yesterday in 31 mins slow butt a start !! Thread further down Starting at the Begining is good tag on ther mate





  • Thanks for your input,it's very good to know that I,m not down and out yet( providing I put the effort in) I hope you achieve your goal,I,ll let you all know how I get on.i am starting on Monday with the beginners schedule, as I start my Hols then for a couple of weeks and will be able to give my full attention to it.
  • Life is for living, get up and out the front door, every yard you go is a bonus. Start slow and steady, this is a marathon, not a sprint, you hopefully are now middle aged so have another 50 years to go. A close family member aged 80 has terminal cancer, he still walks as far as he can every day, why? because he can.

    Good luck you are now in the position where you want to and can do something about your future, go for it, and let us know how it goes, just remember the hare and the tortoise story......very true.

  • have said it before but take a look at one of bruce tulloh's books Running Over 40 and Running Over 40,50,60,70

    he gives some good advice and training for those of us starting later than others! image


  • This book seems really interesting. Thank you very much for sharing. image

  • Oh, and Andrew, you could join parkrun? see if theres one near you.

    plenty of assortment there - our local one has all ages from 5 to over 80!

  • Thanks Happy and Max,s mum,some inspiring stuff coming across,I feel I am in good company. Thanks
  • Max's Mum, have you clicked on your Amazon link recently?

    2 new from £172.67 

    Not normally a book person but just grabbed a used copy for £1.66 plus postage so thanks image


  • I started running at the age of 49 and did my first marathon at 50 - London 2006. I have now done it 6 of the last 7 years and I am still getting faster. When I started I was overweight 12st 10lbs and some health issues. I started by running up and down our orchard  - 6 times up and down was one mile. This year I did the London Marathon in a time of 02:57:xx and my weight was 9st 7 lbs and health issues are long since gone. So never too late and you may even find out that you are quite good at it!

  • Wow.  That is absolutely amazing, well done!!  I'm hoping to do a Marathon one day, it's probably the only way us mortals can feel a bit like Olympians. image

  • Thanks one gear,if I can get anywhere close to a marathon I would be a very happy person.
  • I reckon that if you are determined enough age and weight are no barrier but take it easy and keep us posted on progress. Also there is always tonnes of brilliant advice on these forums with lots of lovely helpful people.

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