Just wanted t introduce myself, I'm Sam, I'm 22 and single mummy to a 19 month old little boy called Madden.

I used to run up until I was 18 but I then got injured horse riding (my other hobby/sport) met Madden's dad and then obviously had Madden.

So I'm now back as injury free and ready to start running on a hobby/semi serious level while I'm back at college.

So I have several aims:

  • Lose a few inches (currently bust 37, waist 30 and hips 43)
  • Lose at least 1 stone
  • Enter and compete my first 5k in a sub 40minute time



  • Hi Sammi,

    When do you hope to run your first 5k?



  • Hi Mart,

    Looking at a few end of Sept/beginning of Oct although probably to do the time end of Oct is more realistic



  • I've just been talking to a bloke at work and he recommended (if you have an iPhone) the Ease into 5K app; he has recently completed his first 10 miler.

    I've just downloaded to give it a go.

  • I've got the ease into 5k app and find it ok although much prefer devising my own training regime at the moment as I find it can get repetitive and boring image

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