Training for Boscombe 10k November 2012

Football tonight for 70 minutes, so my interval training is taken care of. 4 mile run tomorrow. Running four times a week at the moment and my goal is to break 50 minutes in the Boscombe 10k. Good luck to me and any training or nutrition tips will be greatly received.

Anybody else running in the Boscombe 10k?


  • Running 3.5 miles in 30 minutes tomorrow. A quicker pace than recent training runs and much nearer to the pace I wish to run the Boscombe 10k at. My goal is to run the 10k in sub 50 minute. However, if the training goes well that goal could drop.

  • Training at 9 minute per mile pace now down from 10 min per mile. Feeling much fitter and ran 6 miles recently, which is the furthest I have run since the Boscombe 10k in 2007.

  • There's a sub 45 10k schedule here

    If you can follow that it will help you reach your target. Even if you can't it will give you an idea of what you can do to improve.

    Plenty of time until your race and sounds like your doing well so you can only get better.

    Good luck.
  • Thank you J1M. I'll have a look.
  • Challenged myself to run a mile as quick as I could tonight and ran 6.33. Previous time was 7.14.

  • If I don't hit my 40 min target at Taunton this month I may well be at Boscombe!

  • Last week I hit my highest mileage of 21.94 miles. 22.35 5k which was near my maximum effort.

    My training is going well.
  • Well done Tony.

    I may well be there as I was disorganised and didn't get my Taunton entry in and it is now full. I may go for Dartmoor Vale instead, otherwise it will be Boscombe.

    Have you run Boscombe before/do you know the course. Is it reasonably flat?

  • I wouldn't call it flat but it isn't that demanding. Although I last ran the Boscombe 10k in 2007.

    Thank you for your support.
  • Cheers for that! Hopefully the hills won't have grown in the last 5 years!!!

  • Ran my first sub 6 minute mile today.

    Ran 1 mile in 5.53. I use the map my run app on my phone and when it said 1 mile at 5.53 I was so pleased.

    My previous mile time trials had been on the road but using a running track made a huge difference.

    My next goal is 5.30 but that goal will probably have to wait until after the Boscombe 10k.
  • 4 mile tempo run today with the last mile at 7.06

  • Tony that's some serious increase in speed since the start of this thread. What time are you aiming for now?

  • Boscombe 10k done in 49.01

    Last two weeks I have hardly run because of starting a new job and working loads of hours.

    So my goal time was to do less than 50 minutes. To make it very difficult I had Tapas and 4 lagers the night before and went to bed late. What an idiot!

    Anyway splits below - 

    5.16 / 4.37 / 4.53 / 4.49 / 4.47 / 4.30 / 4.35 / 6 / 4.41 / 4.50 

    I developed a terrible stitch which showed in a terrible split for 8k

    Anyway, next 10k I will improve my prep and try to knock off a minute

  • Well, you did better than me. I only realised a week or so ago that it was no entries on the day & that it was full.

    I did Poole Parkrun on Saturday instead, but due to some very cautious drivers due to the weather arrived late and missed the start. I just legged it from the car park and carried on. I was about 1:30 after the start. It was quite nice passing lots of people, but even on my watch time of 20:05 I was 50s slower than last month. Boo!

  • Bad luck mate. The Poole park is great and I ran it for the first time recently. Going to train more now and look to break 20 mins in a 5k. Lots of work ahead.
  • If you are going to break it, then Poole is the course to do it on - they reckon it's the fastest parkrun course in the country.

  • 19:05 is my PB currently at the Poole Parkrun

  • Well done Tony.

    If you are aiming for Boscombe again, that gives you a real chance of breaking 40 mins (assuming you have also done enough stamina building to keep the pace going).

    I had a bit of an iffy summer with no real focus, but have been hitting it again this month ready for the Weymouth 10, and have got back down to 19:24 at Weymouth Parkrun (nearly as flat as Poole, but a bit wigglier).

  • Well done Claret! I've been training for Bournemouth Half this Sunday  so stamins is fine. 


  • Great - what time are you going for?

  • Sub 90 mins

  • Thought you would off that 5k time.

    You should do it. I ran 1:30:46 off a 5k of 19:14 at a pretty hilly and very cold and windy Blackmore Vale in Feb. Lovely race. I was on track for sub 90 until the hill in the last mile!

  • Thanks. Your comments give me confidence. The time I do really depends on what's left in the tank for the last 5k.

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