Post run trapped wind type / upset stomach

Hi all.

About half an hour after finishin my first HM this year I started to feel quite rough. Something like trapped wind/dodgy guts. It passed after another 30 mins or so. I also had something similar after a 10 miler the other weekend.

I'm thinking it's probably down to taking on food/drink afterwards but would be interested to hear whether others have had this and any tips to not get it.



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    I would think its something to do with the running action on your bowels. What are you drinking and eating before the run? 30 mins is a quick time to have such a reaction, to me.... but i may be wrong.

  • When you exercise a normal reaction to the increased workload is for blood to be diverted away from the gut, to the muscles. When you stop, blood flow returns to normal and digestive activity increases - especially if you've had food/drink. Strong contractions of the bowel (peristalsis) can feel like cramps. It's quite common - unpleasant, but common. There isn't an awful lot you can do about it - training will make it easier and making sure you cool down properly might help. 

  • I had a bowl of porridge and honey about 2.5 hours before the start of the half from memory. At the same time I probably had a cup of tea and maybe some water.I took on some water towards the end of the race (not much), but didn't have any problems during it.

    I had a small drink of water not long before the 10 miler as I did it just after getting up. I was a bit hungover though so deserve anything I got for that one!

    The blood flow thing certainly sounds plausbile. I can live with it, but it's nice to know what's going on, especially since I have the GNR coming up.

  • Try waiting longer after finishing before eating/drinking anything over than water with added electrolytes/sugar? As indicated above, it's probably just as your guts start working again, so giving more time for blood flow to resume etc. may help.

  • I frequently get this and full blown IBS type symptoms after running and can't really eat anything less than four hours before run image

    Means I'm often starving but only doing 4-5k runs right now.... Eating well a few days before helps though. Also carbs work much better for me than protein in keeping stomach settled.
  • Thinking about it, when I finished the half, I had a breakfast bar thing, banana, sweets, water and conceivably lucozade - having raided the goodie bag and been met by family. Think I'll take my time the next time!

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