Online sports gear shop gone bust - beware

on 14th July I ordered something from pro4sport online and received an automated email saying my order would be shipped no later than 20th July.  Having not heard anything around the 20th July, I emailed two different emails provided on their website (heard nothing) and tried ringing them today and both their numbers 'are not receiving calls".  They have not taken money off my account but could have done a pre-auth for that amount. bank says they cannot block them but if money goes off, I can follow up.

I checked their registration number on companies house and it looks like they are still 'in business' there. Not sure how to check if they are in admin or not, but beware if you buy anything off their website!!!

Irony is that I live up north and started trying to support smaller firms operating out of towns near me but will have to stick to the big guns who have never let me down before. It's safer!


  • I've not heard of them - I tend to stick to StartFitness (also oop north), Wiggle and others that I've had lots of dealings with.

    If they have gone bust the Administrators might put the transaction through and ship the goods in order to raise money for creditors - not sure though. 

    Google the company name and see if it comes up anywhere with reference to administration?

  • Hi Wilkie

    Thanks image I googled everybody else but them themselves :image still holiday brain mash - I missed the obvious! took your advice and...

    Sure enough, they have been annoying a lot of people and are being investigated by Derbyshire Council.  yes, I like startfitness, sportsshoes and boobydoo, have never been let down by any of them (am especially grateful to the lastmentioned for not doing just that...).  I have also used nothern runner with success!


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