Hi, It's me again

Hi All,

After several false starts it's about time to give this another go.  My last attempt at plodding again was back in 2011 (April/May I think), it didn't go too well.  My target was to lose a stone (for starters) as I need to have a lumbar fusion (metal work and bone graft) and being as fit as possible will assist with recovery. 

Last year seemed to be a difficult year and instead of keeping up the running beer and cigarettes seemed to take over; not too sure why.

So over a year later I've managed to give up the smokes, I've lost nearly 2 stone through gym and my other love which is cycling.

Any way...enough waffling.



  • Congrats on giving up the weed, losing all that weight, cycling and picking up running again! Am sure all of those will aid your recovery. I had a discectomy in 2002 and it took me 12 weeks to recover!


  • Thanks Andi! 12 Weeks is pretty good going. I'm hoping to push for a 9 - 12 month recovery instead of the expected 18 months (due to my weight when I last saw the surgeon). Apparently the bone graft slows things down a bit. That's needed to stop the screws falling out.
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