Running a 10k during half marathon training

As part of my programme  to get trained for my first half marathon, it is suggested that I run a 10K race (i have never raced before).

The first half marathon than I am doing is the Great Birmingham Run on the 21st October which is on the roads around Birmingham *oh how scenic and beautiful it will be.....naaat!*

Anyway, I have found some 10k races to do during the appropriate part of my training but I have the choice between multi-terrain and road. Should I go with road considering the half marathon will be road? I have only been training on the road as of yet, so will I be able to hack a multi-terrain?

Any advice much appreciated!


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Swings and roundabouts really.  A bit of multi-terrain mixes things up a bit and the intensity you're running at (bit quicker than or around threshold) will be good training in itself for the half.  On the other hand, the road 10k will be more event-specific, partly in terms of practising pace judgement / running even splits when racing on the road, but also helping you to predict a time target for the half.

  • Watch some of these off road races imk especially as you've not raced before.If you go off road be sure the course isn't too rough.I did the the Stourbridge Stagger in Feb hoping it would give me a boost into Stafford half in march.The course was so rough it injured me and i had to pull out of Stafford.I'd stick to the road mate


  • Thanks both - decision made - sticking to road racing for now A) because I want to get a good time estimate B) because I am very novice and don't want to push my luck with my already groaning shins.

    Thanks all image and hope your injuries are healed now BCB.

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