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Hello everyone. My Garmin 305 (which I bought 2nd hand) is finally dying a death. It's my birthday soon and hubby says I can have a new GPS (he likes to get 'useful' presents). I've been pretty happy with the 305, but I am wondering about what else is out there as I do find the 305 a little uncomfortable to wear. I think this is partly the size, but also the shape of the thing. I found it much improved when I swapped to the velcro strap, but it still isn't perfect.

Hubby says budget is a £150 (I've been a good girl this year image). So, really anything up to the Garmin FR410 is in the frame.

Whilst perusing DC Rainmaker's reviews I came accross the Timex Run Trainer and this has made me curious as to whether this might be a better option. It seems to allow a bit more flexibility with training plans, and it's waterproof! Whilst still expensive in the UK, I can get one shipped from the US for within the budget and I was wondering whether anyone had one already and could give me their thoughts? I gather it is quite different to the Global Trainer.

Thanks as always.


P.S. Any other feedback on running GPS gratefully recieved, although I have looked through a few existing threads.


  • i'm having a similar dilemma. want something that does running and biking. ha a good battery life, and good online support. and something i can wear as a watch in the meantime. 

    global trainer is cheaper these days but then it's 2 years old so presumably not long off getting replaced. the gps bugs appear to have been fixed. hear good things about the run trainer but not great for cycling. the garmin 610 gets a good write up but is still pretty expensive, and the motoactv gets mixed reports but has come down alot in price and has battery life issues (and not waterproof). it's probably also due an upgrade. 

    what to do - just need to make a bleedin' decision don't i?

  • If it helps, in the end I got a 610, but I got a VERY good deal, which made the decision a little easier.

  • thanks mingo. i keep coming back to the 610. best non-ebay price i can find is about £250. how good is very good?

  • Gurn

    My 305 died in May, I bought a Timex Run Trainer and now hate it. If I had a time machine I would go back and buy a refurbed 305 from Garmin.

    It only stores 15 runs, can't turn it off, can only charge from a USB - just lost all the runs on my hols....... loads more rubbish, bah humbug

  • Gurn Blenston wrote (see)

    thanks mingo. i keep coming back to the 610. best non-ebay price i can find is about £250. how good is very good?

    I got it for just about £200. A bit of a random discount through Amazon...at the time they were offering discount of £50 if you spent more than £150 on watches on jewellery. I thought it would exclude GPS watches, and sure enough when I tried to purchase it, the checkout wouldn't apply the discount code. However,  I checked their terms and conditions for the deal, and the silly beggars hadn't excluded GPS watches in their Ts&Cs, and I successfully argued the point with them that as 'Watch' was in the product title, and they hadn't excluded anything in the Ts&Cs, then I should get the discount. I nearly fell off my chair when they agreed!

    Worth checking out Handtec, they're often cheapest. £227 when I checked just now.


  • I've got the 610 love it.

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