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Hi All,

I'm new on here and finally trying to get in shape at 35. Only slightly over weight but very very unfit. A friend of mine persuaded me to sign up for the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 10k in London in November and I'm determined to finish it even if it takes me half a day image First target though is 5k.

I'm after a GPS watch that will help me track time, distance, routes and intervals as at the moment my runs are broken up with periods of walking. I've been looking at the Garmin 410 as lots of features but at £150 is over my budget and not sure on the bezel controls. Due to my place of work I can get the Nike Plus watch with about £35 discount off the rrp so that's what I'm thinking of getting (still a slight stretch though). Does anyone on here use the Nike Plus and what has your experience been so far? I've read on other sites that it only tracks/stores data for fully completed miles and not partial ones? If that's true then the watch won't give me all the data I would like. Does the battery last as long as advertised? If listening to music can the watch be set to vibrate so I know when each interval stops/starts? Any feed back on general usage of the Nike Plus would be greatly appreciated.

Main use is definitely to help push me to the 10k in November and then help with other future running targets. Although, being a gadget fiend I might like to wear it day to day when on holiday just walking around as once I start seeing my stats on a map I will probably try tracking my movements abroad occasionally just to feed my inner geek and bore the wife image

Many thanks



  • I went into the nike shop in bluewater and when they told me about the price I thought it as massively overpriced for what it is. I'm looking at getting a pair of Adidas 

    Men's resp cush 21m that you can equip the micoach chip to which monitors all progress in a nice graph form which can be transferred to pc, iphone and various smart phones. But if you need gps for during running this will not really aid you.
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