Handicapped Running


So, I was wondering if there is a 'legit' way of handicapping your run(i.e make it harder)?

I have been wearing a hooded jumper with my hood on even on hot days to make me sweat more, therefore i tire faster and my body has to work harder, should I be doing this?

Was wondering if there is any other way of making your runs harder e.g running with backpacks/ankle weights?

Thoughts and suggestions?




  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Mike, at your stage, you simply need to run more pal...don't worry about messing around with anything but simple gentle increase in mileage.

  • yeah run faster.

  • Purposely dehydrating yourself sounds mental. What's wrong with running with ease, and developing a good aerobic base. Then when thats in place, introduce more intensity into one session.

    There is no need to be dragging tractor tyres behind you on your runs. Oh crap, I hope I haven't given you an idea.
  • +1 for Stevie G's comment. 

    The 'Rocky' stuff can come later on

  • Mike

    A lot of my running is done as part of my commute to work, so I run with a backpack containing my laptop, work papers, a towel, etc....

    This definitely makes these runs harder, and I notice the distance and pace much more than when I'm running without a pack on.

    I'm not suggesting you run with a pack on solely for the training benefit, and I have no clue where your training is upto in terms of volume or quality, but it might be worth thinking about how you can mix up your running to get some different stimulii?
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