Yet another newbie!

Hi everyone image I recently lost about 2 stone through using a treadmill at the gym for half hour jogging sessions and eating healthier but I no longer have access to the gym so today went for a jog outside. I couldn't jog for long ha! Literally a few minutes and then I had to walk instead. I had a bad stitch! Just wondered if anyone else found it that much harder on the road, and id you had any tips for such a novice runner? Thanks guys image xxxx


  • Chances are you started off too fast.  Start slow, then pick up the pace after ten minutes.

  • It does take a little while to adjust to running outside, because you're dealing with uneven surfaces, hills, weather, and so on. Don't be afraid to take planned walking breaks, say every five minutes or so, and you'll soon be able to run for as long as you were doing on the treadmill, and longer. And at least the scenery changes, so it's easier on the head!
  • Did you eat before running?
  • Thanks for the replies guys image I guess that's true.. On a treadmill the incline is the same! I left it 2 hours after I ate to run..
  • I am a yo yo runner. I did a "get into running beginnrs course" 4 years ago and could run for 30 mins at end of it.I then did the Great South Run. Then over work over eating and general laziness took over. I have now started a get fit campaign. I am doing jogging outside but still go into a walk every few minutes and cannot get into solid running however slowly. I went out yesterday and at some points the running just seemed to flow but could not keep it up for long. I am doing a mixture of exercise, running, swimming and spin classes. I am hoping that as the excess weright goes and fitness gets better I might walk less and run more

  • I would suggest you try a couch to 5k thingy. The best out there is the NHS one. Type it in google it comes strainght. Up its brilliant cause it interspreses walking with running so your not just totally running. Becareful what and when you eat before you go running aswell hun.

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