Where to start with cycling!?

Hi there,

Yet another newbie!

I've been a competitive swimmer since I can remember, and been running lots recently, which obviously points towards triathlon, yet I am rubbish on a bike, and terrified! I have finallllly decided to get into it though as I think it should be suited to me, but where do I start!? I am not good on a bike at all. I do have a bike, its not fantastic, but it exists, and I live in the middle of nowhere, so lots of country roads, but I don't know where best to start in terms of getting some training going and fitting it in with the existing training in swimming and running. I'm also so unbalanced, and find my bike very unconfortable, so any advice is much received!

Thank you so much!


  • I can help with the comfort aspect.  I bought an exercise bike about a month ago, and the seat was so uncomfortable!  So, I bought one of these from Amazon

    Velo Extra Wide Gel Cycle Bike Saddle Cover Extra Thick


    and now things are massively improved.  Make sure it fits your saddle though; the dimensions are around 11in x 10in and it has a drawstring fitting.  Might be a bit wide for a real bike, but there are others out there that are more narrow.


  • Awesome thank you!


  • I'd just man up and ride the bike. I think Chrissie Wellington started cycling when in Nepal and I cant imagine she'd got a top flight bike over there ?

    Country roads are perfect for daytime cycling. If cycling is your weak point then you need to spend more time riding it. Swimming and Running are less important than the Cycling for you if you want to do triathlon. You could spend hours shaving a minute off your swim time, but youl'll be able to take chunks off your bike times.

    Most saddles arent big squishy affairs, your bum should get used to the normal one but obviously its going to feel a bit funny to begin with.

    Once you've decided you're serious then you can look at gettingn fitted for a new bike ? 

  • my advice would be to just get out and ride. cycling is pretty simple...the mopre miles you do the better you'll get. if you're just starting out i'd avoid thinking about interval taining etc and just get some miles in. pick some nice routes around the country lanes and enjoy it!

    re comfort - your butt will toughen up. my last race saddle (pretty put just a slate of carbon fiber - no padding) took my about 4 months to break in. however now it has it is very comfortable. however invest in a decent pair of cycling shorts.....they'll make the world of difference.

  • + 1 el gump

    and add some chamois cream to your shopping listimage

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