manchester athletics tracks

Evening everyone, I usually run the odd 5/10k but the olympics has got me all excited i was curious if there were any athletic tracks in manchester thats open to the public either free or a couple quid. Cheers image


  • Don't know how much it is but there's this one in Salford:

  • thanks i'll look into it, see if i have what it takes to end Bolts reign of terror lol


  • I went to the track at Sportcity a few weeks ago. It was on the Friday night of the Olympic opening, and my husband and I were the only people there. They have clubs and events on Mon-Thu, although you can train alongside some. Fri-Sun seems to be open to the public, though they advise you to phone and check. I'll certainly be going back (I'm out of the country at the moment). I think it was £3:50 each

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