Intermittent Fasting - Horizon


Did anyone watch Horizon recently on bbc - it was about intermittent fasting?

Just wondered if anyone has done this, or is currently doing it and how it affects/benefits running.




  • I have tried IF (actaully a modified version, called the Metabolic Rebound Diet).

    The fat loss/body re comp results are awesome.

    The re feed generally means you wont deplete glycogen too much, so your tempo runs and intervals shouldn't be affected too much.

    It's hard for the first week, maybe 10 days, after which time it becomes easy.

    I probably wouldn't do it if I was training for anything more than a 10k though, esp if you are very competitive. The calorie deficit your training puts you in would be hard to overcome by re feeding in short windows in the evening... unless you're a total pig or make up cals with junk -- which kinda defeats the object.

    I run this using the paleo protocol (or similar) and get roughly 50% of my cals from protein, 30-50% from fats and 0-20% from carbs, depending upon the training effort on that day.

    Above is based upon actual experince of IF and paleo eating... not just some conjecture opinion based upon no real kowledge at all; before anyone chimes in about needing a 50% carbohydrate diet.

  • Sorry for the late replying - had no internet. many thanks - very interesting. i shall look into it

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