Keen athletics newbie needs help!

Hello world of runnersworld!

This is my first thread/post thingy whatever it is lol.

I'm 17 years old and I've been a sportsman from young but only recently have expressed a desire to take up athletics due to inspirational performances at the olympics haha. Well i've got a few questions and the first question is that i actually do not know what type of shoes to buy for sprinting (looking to compete in either 100m, 400m, 800m or 1500m) any suggestions? My other question is that I'm fast and quick off the mark but im not sure if I should compete in 100m or middle distance or is it a problem if I do both in terms of training differences?


Many thanks and looking forward to replies!



  • Find an athletics club and join.

    Train with them and you'll find what you are good at and what you enjoy the most. You don't have to dedicate yourself to a single distance until you are ready and the training for most sprint distances will be the same.

    You'll probably have sessions on running technique and form as well as sessions on improving your speed and endurance.

    As for what foot wear, this will depend on the surface that you train and race on. You may want racing flats or spikes for racing on a track. For training you'll want a pair that has a longer life and are easier to live with.

    Wow, I could even convince myself that I knew what I was talking about. image There is so much information on this site that it's hard not to pick up little tidbits of usefulness.

  • lol thanks a lot, much appreciated!


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