Iron Man Training

Can anyone recommend a good book with training schedules for someone looking to complete their first Iron Man?  I am aiming for 2014 to give myself plenty of timeimage


  • James,

    pop over to the triathlon tab and say hello over there and you'll find lots of advice (plus various people trying to press-gang you into doing one in 2013).

    The two books most people have read are: Don Fink Be Iron Fit, of Going Long by Joe Friel and Gordo Byrn, but in summary bike lots, run some and swim some.

  • Cheers FerrousFerret.  I will probably attempt my first triathlon 2013 (I'm a serial marathon runner) but not sure about the full Iron Man but you never know ...


  • image James some of this might be useful to you as well. The fink book is excellent.


  • Absolute Don Fink Iron fit- did my first this year, never run a marathon before and did it in 3:23, bike in 6:56- slow I know swim in 1:18- ok time all 11:54 goal under 12! All my training was from Fink, great book!

  • James,

    IronFit has training schedules, and the associated swim workouts, in it and is very good. I've used the schedules in the book and will be using the beginners one next year.

    I've just finished reading Going Long and again its a really good book and has lots of useful information. I'd say that it was more useful as additional information though for when you've got a training schedule from somewhere. 

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