HM training

Hi all im Adam and Im 32. Digging the site. Lots of friendly helpful people willing to share with us weee noobs lol


Ok im training to do my first HALF Marathon. Been training for 4weeks now and times have gone down yaaaa. My goal is to run it in 1:50:00 to 1:55:00. Had a little bet I could beat this guy at work who did it in 1:55:20. He was 18 when he run it, im 32 lol helppp. 


So heres my last run stats: IM FOLLOWING THE WALK/JOG/RUN TRAINING PROGRAM (iphone app)


WK4- run endurance 4 miles (I turned it into a Tempo Run)

AVG 4.05 miles in 0:40:46 @ 10:04/miles


mile 1: 09:44

mile 2: 09:20

mile 3: 11:24

mile 4: 09:54


My QUESTION IS THIS: How can I get my running times to 8minutes a mile ??? My plan is to run the first 3miles in the 9minutes and then pick up speed. I really want to neil 1:50:00 come Oct 21 in Birmingham 


Thanks for reading 



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