Hoping somebody might be able to offer advice for my OH. He completed a half mara on Sun and during the last 3 miles experienced painful throbbing in the balls of both his feet. Now, when he walks he has shooting pains passing from his heel to his toe. Neither foot is sore to touch, only to stand on. He has never had any problems with his feet before. He has an apt with the dr for this week but I was interested to hear if anybody has had or heard of anything similar? Thanks in advance 


  • Mortons Neuroma

    Plantar Fascitis

    Stress Fracture

    Take your pick image

    Just in case he is inclined ... no running until he has had anything confirmed or otherwise by a Dr

  • I suggested Plantar Fascitis too and for once he's not attempted any sport so it must be actual pain not 'man' pain image

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