Noob looking for shoes, I run on my toes...

Hi guys

So clearly I'm one of these sheep that is inspired by the olimpics, and I feel like doing some running.

I didnt realise it was unusal untill I was looking at shoes today, but I run completely on my toes....

I have an INCREDIBLY high arch, so thats probably the reason.

I also have stupid tiny girl ankles that I have a habit of twisting to go along with my girly feet, so I'm a bit concerned about injury.

Aiming to do say, 10k every other day after I've broken myself in.

Anyone help my identify what I should be looking for in a running shoe?


ps, I know I could go and get my feet fitted properly, but Id rather see if I'm still running in a month first.


  • 10k every other day and I would wager you wont be running in a months time

    get some shoe advice
    Start off easy and build slolwy
    If you dont like it then you have yourself a nice pair of casual trainers


  • where does one even go to get proper shoe advice?

    All the sports shops I can think of are mostly for buying football shirts and tracky bottoms....

  • Ross where do you live?

    If you have a Sweatshop or an Up and Running branch near you they would be a good place to start

  • If you run on your toes and never touch the ground with your heels, just buy anything comfortable. I once asked a gait analyst on the Mizuno stand at the VLM why he suggested over pronators when he clearly stated that I run entirely on my toes, without an incling of touching the floor with my heels. He couldn't answer me.

  • I have a very similar gait to you, at least for the first 6 miles or so, and the same ankle issue.

    Lardarse is right: unless you're twisting your feet in or out and landing/pushing off strangely, literally any neutral shoe should be good for you. You don't want massive padding on the heel. A less flexible mid-foot (shoe that doesn't bend laterally too much) and lower heel should help with the ankle issues. You would probably be fine in Dunlop Green Flash.

    If you find you enjoy running in the longer term, you sound like you might benefit from trying minimalist style shoes. You might get on with Newtons, too, but I've never tried them myself.
  • Ok thanks for the advise

    to be more precise, I land on my toes, then my heel kinda touches the ground as my body moves forward, and then I push off again through my toes. no noticeable weight is transfered to the heel though.

  • Ball of foot=good.  Toes=bad

  • Sslhp is right.


    I presumed you meant the balls of your feet, but if you're up on your toes, it's likely to lead to stress fractures and other trouble in the end - unless your chosen distance is the 100 metres.

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