Hi everyone, 

Just thought I'd pipe up instead of just lurking in the background! 

My current state of fitness is firmly in the 'horifically poor' category and the time has come to get a grip of it. I'm nearly 25 and around 17st, a fact that haunts me! As with most cases, it's been down to a lack of exercise and a very very poor diet, both things that I need to change. 'Back in the day' my running and fitness wasn't too bad so getting back to that stage is a definite target.

I can't even remember the last time I went for a run so tomorrow's attempt at a 3miler should be insteresting...I'll get there, it just depends whether I need a stopwatch or a calendar to record my time.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi but it turned into a bit of a catharsis! 




  • Hullo,

    I'm not a newbie but i seem to get into my running, get a fairly good base fitness then leave it all behind and regain all my weight i'd previously lost. I have a good few routes right on my doorstep and used to run my 8K cross country run in around 55mins. That was at 18stone! I'm a little heavier now and want to lose it and regain my fitness. In september i will be joing a British Military Fitness group to give tme the motivation i need.

    hope you keep at 

  • Well Will how did the run go?

    Will at 17 stone your still in a great position to start running.

    I have again started to run after losing 5 stone and I'm still just under 20 stone.

    Last time I run before now was 6 years ago and that was the London half marathon.

    I find swimming helps to increase the breathing and speed. But that's swimming not doggie paddle lol.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Mat,

    The run took a (worrying) 29mins. The quickest I've done 3 miles before (years ago) was around 20mins so I think I'll make that my first target!

    I've heard similar things about swimming so I'll give that ago as well, thanks for the advice. Congratulations on losing a substantial amount of weight as well! How's your running, what kind of times/distance?

    My next stop will be the 'stop my legs aching' thread!



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