Running partner or friendly club? North london muswell hillish area?

hellohelooo  - anyone know a friendly club or do they need a running buddy? -  a frew months ago i was running for about 50mins ish without stopping for a stretch etc and carrying on (really i have bad warm-up disciplining-i.e. i just get out and run and often on an empty belly and usually no sleep ... my point being who knows i can maybe run a much better time- with proper preparation? image - but generally im not that great . i stopped the last few months due to a foot injury

Anyway if you know of a club or are an lone runner too  - a partner to keep up the will power  - dont mind whether youre a beginner or intermediate- would be great. also i live in east finchley and usually run around highgate woods/ heath. thanks image


  • helloo, are you still looking for a running buddy? ive become slightly lazy so need all the motivation i can get. i live in North Finchley so not far from East Finchley.

    thanks Ranj image

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