If you had c.£50 a month spare to spend on improving your performance..

Just curious, would you spend it on a coach, joining a gym, get swimming lessons, on nutritional advice, pay off a loan for a powermeter / TT bike / wattbike?

Or just buy lots of new black and yellow pirate kit?



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  • If it had to be a monthly spend rather than saving it all up, for me it would probably be best spent on swimming lessons.


    Id bulk buy image




  • Most of the things on your list Glad, if I had to prioritise I'd start with the swimming lessons then go for coaching, but accepting that probably that might involve renting some sort of power meter. 

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    Dave - what would you save up for then?

    I think a few swimming lessons then a coach, like FeFe.

    To clarify, not a coach like FeFe, but, like FeFe, swimming then coach!

    Not that I dont appreciate a master of his art! image

  • Where have you got a spare £50 pcm from,  did you finally take that job as local school dinner lady?

  • Bike fit, new wheels, swim lessons....

  • Depends on what you are good at.

    For me my swim is average, bike average and run good. As the bike is a longer section and with more time to be gained then that is where I would spend money. Maybe a loan and then new wheelset, turbo or powermeter. (Thinking laterally then I should probably spend it on flowers for the wife as that may get me a bit more time out on the road!)

  • Gladys M. wrote (see)

    Dave - what would you save up for then?

    Oh, mainly stuff that would have much less impact on performance, I quite fancy the Garmin pedal-based power system for example, but it would just be another number and I doubt very much I'd use it to improve performance, my training is too unstructured for that.

  • a personal trainer......

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    a personal trainer......


  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    Sports massage for me! image

  • Personal trainer for me too - if I could ever find one who understands how to help train a "senior"! Yes I am of a certain age - but having been active all my life and involved in long distance stuff for over 20 years, I'm not interested in senior citizen "aerobics" or dance classes.

  • Personal trainer for me too - if I could ever find one who understands that yes, I am of a certain age - but having been active all my life and involved in long distance stuff for over 20 years, I'm not interested in senior citizen "aerobics" or dance classes and am fitter than many others 20 years my junior.

  • Coaching I think - just basically anything that would actually make me get out and train more.  I'm not keen on personal trainers - they seem to be good for normal people, but unless they're a triathlete/runner themselves - they dont have the knowledge. 

    I did read an account of an amateur cyclist in the States who got started in doping. I think he was spending about $1000 a month on EPO - so thats a non starter. image

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Better quality wine image

  • Spoken like a true Essex girl Wilkie.

  • I'd buy a turbo trainer first, so that I can train and watch the telly at the same time and no longer have excuses not to train!

  • No, you just find new excuses not to train.

  • A running coach?

    If I was able to train, it'd be Pilates.

  • How's life LN? PM me? 

  • Give it to me Gladys ... i'll sort you out   image

  • Beasting by Meldy. 

    A paid commodity.


  • PM your way DB, and thanks image

  • I had heard that one could have Meldy for £50 a month! image

    Still no takers, eh??! imageimage

  • Hmm...probably a coach. Who would then prescribe swimming lessons and a power meter. So with that in mind I'd get swimming lessons, and buying some time back from work.

  • my swim was rubbish image , (I just got in the pool at started swimming) and I found some filmed sessions really useful in getting some basic technique / making the swim way less traumatic / energy sapping.

    I now consistenty swim at 1:12 on just 2 swims a week...... - my first IM was 1:36.The sessions were spread out at one a month over 6 months.......

    Then the next best thing I did was get a coach
    This is a little more expensive than £50 a month, but then I dont have any gym membership to pay.  I thinks its more effective than buying a TT bike or a set of wheels, but obviously its still a luxury item.
    I found this really effective in building general fitness / endurance, and in getting me doing stuff consistently across the year.  My running came on dramatically, which I was not expecting.  Sessions I once thought of as 'one off's' are now routine, ie a 3.8k swim or hour TT swim.
    Its not rocket science, but I found it easier than trying to (over) plan it all myself, and I get given some sessions I dislike, but those are the effective ones......(ie intervals)
    Swimming is also a lot less boring - every session is different
    I found it good to self coach for a year, then when I struggled in the second year, I found a coach great for adding variety / and building on the base I had already built up.

    It can also help in focusing efforts in whats most effective as well, (ie I am told to go easy on a lot of sessions rather than trying to hammer it the whole time)

    If you find a coach you like, then you can learn a lot in a year, then go back to self coaching, However I am enjoying it enough that I am going back for another year.

    I got some advice from Rosie on this thats really useful - look for coaches just starting out, (ie aspiring pros / elite age groupers / tri club coaches working their way up) - They will be cheaper, and potentially more personal than the premium coaching setups, (that are really expensive). However, they are still learning their stuff......
    He may know some people who currently fit the bill now.....

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