Heal/tendon injury after first run in new shoes

Hi everyone.

Historically I have bought running shoes/trainers simply on price. If they are good quality & cheap, I’ll have them. Never had problems with them. This time I took a more technical approach. Looked at my old shoes wear pattern (heel & edge wear on outside edges) and arch type (lowish but not full flat). So, based on that I bought Asics Pulse 3’s online, as they were for slight under-pronator/neutral gaits, which is what I think I need. Went out for a run yesterday morning in the new shoes, left foot instep hurt within a mile, Achilles hurt after 3 or more, thought I felt something go on heel, had to walk home.Very sore so Ibuprofen & rest taken. This morning it is very sore, stiff, a little swollen & bruised. Have gripped rear calf muscle which does move foot, so I deduce the Achilles has not fully torn. Hoping it is just a strain or tendonitis.Can walk, prefer not to put pressure down on injured foot, can just do toe raise on it too but sore up rear of ankle.Treating with RICE (no ice), strapped up . When it has healed enough I hope to spin my bike pedals on the rollers, keeping weight off the ankle, so I can at least keep fit. My primary sport is cycling. First injury so now worried about running future. Not sure what to do about the new shoes, should I risk them again? Thought I would revert to old worn out shoes first, as they have never hurt me. Then consider best way forward. Any advice/thoughts on injury & shoes? Many thanks.


  • I think you know the answer to this: don't run in them again - whether it's the general shoe type or just that particular model, they're obviously not the right ones for you. Shoes should be comfortable to run in right out the box. Let your heel/Achilles settle down, then try running again in your old shoes. If you need new ones, go for neutral unless those actively hurt you while running, and try them out before you buy them.

  • Thanks for the advice Debra.

    Yes, that was my first thought, but as I has evaluated my gait, then put that into the Asics shoe suitability checker, the Gel Pulse's should have been Ok for my under/neutral gait. So even if I ebay them off, what shoe to choose next is a dilemna. As you said, prob going to a local supplier and trying first would be best, albeit more expensive than online. That's the price of expertise I guess.


  • Yes, go to a local running shop, try so on, run on the shop's tradmill/pavement outside or whatever. If you find ones that fit and are comfortable, then you can buy more of the same online later, if you want. Note: new versions of the "same" model don't always fit the same (toe box narrower/wider etc.). Also, if the running shop person says you need "X" shoe type but X shoes don't feel right for you, then don't buy them. They always looked at my flat feet and said I overpronated, from video analysis (although that wasn't what the wear on my shoes said), and tried to get me into anti-pronation shoes - which made my feet and my knees hurt,  - so I stuck with neutral (which were comfortable) until I changed over to minimalist!

  • What were the old shoes? 

    And would your wear patterns be accurate - do you also walk the dog/do the gardening/go to the pub/go hill walking in you running shoes, or only run in them? Wear patterns will often only show part of the story.

    Asics also increasingly have quite a high heel, which if you aren't used to it can be quite disruptive. I hadn't bought new running shoes since 2009 because of an injury - I bought an updated version of my old shoes at Christmas, and I felt like I had boulders attached to my feet, they were some clompy I couldn't run comfortably in them and they were hurting my legs, and have had to relegate them to holiday walking shoes - was not impressed.

  • Hi Dancing in Spikes. Thanx for the view. Yes, I tried to replace exisiting old Adiddas one's (and I mean old). Could only find a size 10 on ebay, me being 8. They were used only for running, so pattern should reflect only that. I did wonder if the Asics were simply too high & bouncy for me. So, if your replacements were clompy what did you do about modern day replacements.

  • I'm running in Newtons now, which are the opposite direction and have hardly any heel at all. I'm a midfoot runner, and found that I adapted really quickly and am absolutely loving them. I already did some of my running in minimalist shoes, and also wear spikes for racing, though so am used to low drop shoes. I've done about 300-400 miles in them now, and they're still as good as new - really impressed.


  • Wear on outside edges and heel does not necessarily a supinator make.  Most people land on the lateral edge which is where the wear wears.  It doesn't mean you stay there...


  • Thanx, you experts....been to my LRS,,,,they are as confused as me,,,,,,more work to be done, when I can.......so thanx.......will update youi in a month

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