Is it all about the numbers ? TRAINING PERCENTAGES



  • ??500 is the lowest i would go for a bike

    Seriously, if the bike kills you then no matter what run strenhth/ speed you have then you will be in trouble.

    So wind the running down and get out on the bike.

    You sound like you have a massive run base, so you just need to maintain that

    I train a lot, and my weeks vary fromthe following... 8-12 hrs on a bike, 4-6 hrs running (

    Tue double run day, 2* 30 mins- 2*1 hr,

    Wed 30 mins - 1 hr run,

    Thu Long slow run 90 mins - 2 hrs 30mins run,

    Sat 30-60 min run

    Sun 20 min run off the bike

    Thats all done at a 'low' z2 hr (its tough to run at a high tempo hr after a 6-8 hr bike ride

    Hope that helps...
  • Martin , by the sound of it you need the RIGHT bike. There is loads of good advice out there, about 700 can get you a nice road bike , but crucially you should let several shops size you up or better still pay for a bike fit. This would be money well spent as you can tell exactly what you want to do with it ( I told the staff in up and running that I was doing the outlaw with no run training and they were very helpful in getting me the right shoes and loads of advice). You need to make the cut off in order for that formidable run pedigree to shine,  so you want to go 9 hours for 112 as comfortably as possible. More upright positioning? , no punctures , the right bike for you..?.   Build up to 75% of that and you will be fine on the day , the course is great and very hill averse friendly

  • Thanks for the answer. Been to local bike shop today who were very helpful but confused me talking about "Aluminum" and carbon frames. Different gear shifts etc. £700 was the best price they came up with plus £100 to be fitted. Then I need shoes/ clips. Its starting to add up!!!

    They have agreed to let me have a go on a turbo trainer next week so will take it from there.

    My rough calcualtion for a finish of 16 hours???? 2 hours swim 9 bike and 5 marathon (pb 3.48) Bike looks like best place to bank some time?


  • bike is where it is at for time saving, I went 1 13 swim ( always my best discipline) off 1 24 best in the pool , 6 45 bike ( its flatter than you think) and a predictable 6 25PB ( I don't run as it causes swollen knees, its a long story) . The numbers may be odd but I was delighted to go under 15 hours. IM is all about finishing for most people , you will be fine if can get the bike down. Most tris have a cut off for the start of the run at 10.5 hours ( to allow people like me to crawl home).

    Don't buy anything in Alulminum as without the extra i its cheap knock off , same with carbon fiber. Try a few bike shops to get a feel for it , happy hunting...

  • thx. Chap in shop was talking about the swim (although never done a tri) said he is a surfer so used to wet suit. He suggested one without arms as the arms make swimming difficult? How many times did you do the 2.4 in the pool. I think the swim would be a strength for me. Even done close to the distance years ago as a sponser! I know my technic could be better but a mile takes about 40 mins at the moment. Front crawl with breath every 5 strokes


  • If you go for a wetsuit without arms you will perhaps limit the amount of times you will be able to use it due to water temerature
    A surfing wetsuit is different to a tri wetsuit which has a differnt thickness neoprene on the arms to allow for a greater degree of movement

  • 6 months before Outlaw my training percentages were

    Swim 17%
    Bike 51%
    Run 32%


  • +1 for meldy.  A tri swim wetsuit has thin neoprene on the arms so you can swim in it..

    Have a look around at the end of season deals..... wiggle, triuk, TFN etc etc.  Ideally go somewhere and have someone help you with fit... apporx £100 - £300

    We did a thread on how much a IM costs for a novice...... its a lot as you need entry, wetsuit, bike, shoes, helmet,. pump, training gear..... stuff wears out etc etc

    ebay can be your friend

  • Martin ,end of season sales at wiggle etc and ebay are good. Breathing every 5 strokes is quality, I can do it in the pool for about 50m then out of breath, tried every third can go further but again only really in the pool. The fact that bilateral breathing is possible makes it very easy  to mix it up if it gets choppy or you get someone very close on your breathing side! I always start events confident about the swim which if you can do that is a big plus for nerves and generally getting psyched up for the bike. what the guys said re wetsuits plus it is much easier for anyone other than real pro's to swim in a wetsuit rather thatn without one.

    F.oggy, your numbers are bang on for most people on this forum , maybe a bit high on the swim, do you seriously do no other training or are these numbers just for the 3 disciplines? 

    ps I know I am weird doing zero running (races excepted) on a runners world albeit triathlon leaning web area!


  • Nowt wrong with S/B/R only! I failed to mention hamstring stretches and shoulder mobilisation stretches, but these take up minimum time.

    I've thrown some numbers together - if I'd swum for 3 hours per week for the last 10 weeks rather than 2, my percentages would not have differed too much (+3% on swim, -1% on bike and -2% on run). I guess my numbers were slightly skewed anyhow as I didn't swim in Feb/Mar due to a shoulder injury.


  • absolutely, I just seem to have injuries myself that require time off from the pool or bike and a bit o r& r in the gym! Plus I like the gym, and am currently taking part in a ''ab challenge'' ( it was me that suggested it) to see if a group of us can get anything more than the one pack I currently have!   The problem here is one of diet I think and not  a lack of muscle in there somwhere...

  • citizen 146 wrote (s

    F.oggy, your numbers are bang on for most people on this forum , maybe a bit high on the swim, do you seriously do no other training or are these numbers just for the 3 disciplines? 



    I do a couple of strength/core sessions a week in addition to my swim/bike/run.

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