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Last night i did my first bad run at running club. I never completed it and walked back to base after 5.5miles. I couldnt have looked great as took one look at me when got back to base and got someone to get me water and another person offered to drive me home.

My hamstring was killing which slowed me down. Iv been told by my physio its my bum muscle causing the pain as its lazy and got exercises to do. I felt as sick as owt for at least 2 hours afterwards. I use my massage roller when got home.

Today just woken up and feel really low and meant go for run before got to hot and im currently still in my pj. how you meant pick self up. just think wanted to get my low mood off my chest. keep trying remind myself how well i did in 10km race on fri but not seemed to be working.


  • You just have to suck it up and not let it drag you down.  So, you didn't finish.  No big deal - everyone goes through this, so you're not unique in this respect.  Have a day off to rest, then crack on again tomorrow.

  • thanks, think im going make carb dinner as its comfort food for tonight. then do my physio tonight to then c if im ready for my fortnightly long run tomz instead. like my sis said if i get off the lap top and start doing the gardening and house work its still exercise.


  • Hi Lisa,

    Totally know where you're coming from. I completely cocked up my first proper club race a couple of months ago - told marshall I was dropping out at 3km and only finished (extremely slowly) when a club friend came up and pushed me on again. I looked like hell and every marshall I passed asked me if I wanted water etc. It was only 10km and I usually run that in my lunch hour!

    I felt really down for a couple of weeks especially as I thought everyone at club must be judging me on that run and was my first and only for the club. But then I thought, everyone has a bad run every now and then - that was my Bad Run (capitals deserved!) and wrote it off as such.

    Sorry - that was a load of waffle. Just wanted to say - you're not the only one. Just write that run off. Gardening fab idea - good exercise and the garden will be BBQ ready for the hot weather at the weekend! image

  • Off out to motor bike rally on weekend so glad for the sun. So far ironing done and bedroom. I b fine. It may sound stupid but im missing the routine of going work. When at work I moan not enough hours in a day. Lol can't win. Think early night and up at 6 for long run before we go camping.

    Got 7 weeks till my half marathon so plenty of time as already done 12.5m run so a day off not hurt me.
  • Awesome!! Enjoy the rally!!

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    We all have bad runs sometimes. We can blame fatigue, stress, the food we ate before, the weather, our state of mind etc. We need to accept we will not always excel. Look at Paula Radcliffe - she has been seen crying and miserably giving up races and we still look up to her. I had a recent run where I had to give up because my tummy got upset and had to ring my hubby to collect me from a country pub LOL. This Monday I ran my longest distance ever and unfortunately, my left knee did not appreciate it so I am not able to run now for who knows how long.

    Just keep your chin up and look forward to great runs yet to come.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Timi is right - we all have our bad days. The thing to do is learn from it what you can (was it just a bad day or was there another reason e.g. dehydration) and then move on.

    I remember my first and only run with a club was hell... it didnt help that they werent particularly nice anyway but it really put me off going again.

  • We all have runs like this, and sometimes you just can't put a finger on it but you feel like death. I did a race a couple of months ago, which was the first time in 12 years I genuinely intended to drop out. Slight problem is that I didn't know how to get back, so kept struggling on and by the time I found civilisation I was nearly at the finish anyway. Your next run will be better, don't lose heart.

  • Thanks for all your support it really did help. I went out for slow ten miles today and no pain like Wednesday so convenience it was dehydration as culprit. Feel better now gone out again but don't think I could gone further than what I did with heat and fact it was hill run.

    Emmy you got sweat shop near you as that's run club I do and recommend to s couch potato as do 0-2, 2-5, 5-7 building up over 8 weeks. I use it for speed work as im a plodder on my own. The only down side with mine in no toilets hence why I was dehydrated as avoid drinking in case i need the loo.

    Thanks again all of you as really felt low yesterday. image
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