Dublin City Marathon

At long long long last the route for this years Dublin City Marathon has been posted on the race web site. As a Dub myself I've been a long time defender of this race over the years but the web site this year has been a shambles. The route map was posted about two days ago and differs entirely from the route described on another part of the web site. The majority of the rest of the site is still 'under construction' after a number of months. As a techie myself I reckon there's about ten hours work needed to revise the entire site but nothing has been done for months. If they can hack it, they shouldn't try to put up a race site. Significantly the only operative parts of the site are the entries and the shop - namely the two revenue generating parts. There have been problems with both of these sections as well.

One parting shot on the course. There's a nasty little hill just after entering the Phoenix Park at the Chapelizod Gate around mile 19. It's not long but it is steep - Beware !


  • i've been waiting for the course map myself and thought they were leaving it a bit late. This is my first Dub marathon. Any tips about organisation (do they supply isotonic drinks or just water?), travel etc would be gratefully received. Also, i still haven't booked a hotel (Doh!!) so are there any ones that runners traditionally stay in? What about the craic afterwards?
  • Sparks, I'm staying at the Clarion Hotel..its meant to have excellent gym facilities and jacuzzi etc so appealed quite a bit to Mrs W too. Try Superbreak.com...they seem to have quite a lot of hotel room nights booked for Dublin so you should be lucky. Cheers,Ian
  • For anyone who might be interested I've drawn up an analysis of the new route as I lived in Dublin up to two years ago. It might be useful for anyone who doesn't know the city well. I tried posting it here but it's too long (only 3,800 char's allowed and it's about 10,000 chars). I was able to post it on Coolrunning.com in the 'Race Together' Forum. If anyone would like a copy just mail me.
  • Hi Sparks
    The following drinks will be available at Dublin :
    Water and Lucozade sport and power bars and gells (late in the race)
  • Hello. Thank God for this web site. I have been trying for ages to get information about the Dublin marathon. I agree totally that the website is absolutely pants! BUT...I am looking forward to the race as all my Irish friends asure me that the race is well supported and you can't beat the 'crack'! By the way has anybody been able to find any results for the past couple of years?
  • Jamie,
    I have copies of the results for the last two if not three years at home. I'll try to mail them on to you tonight. I think last years results are actually on the site as one of the few links that actually work.
  • Thats very kind of you Mick.
    Many thanks.
  • Hi Mick

    As you have experience of this race, what kind of weather conditions can we expect? Can you get away with shorts etc or will it be the winter woolies?! Can't wait!!
  • Johnnie,
    I've done the last three and the weather has been different each year. Expect it to be cool but bring gear for all weathers and decide on the morning,

  • I ran last year and totally enjoyed it. Good atmosphere and a reasonable course, I did find it quite cold though. Only problem night before is avoiding Dublins main attraction amd I'm not talking about Shamrock Rovers.
  • would that be guinness by any chance Huw?
  • Just to let you guys know we have another Dub marathon thread going in the Unofficial Forum Running Club.

    Mick - is this the route map that still has Monday 28 October 2001 above it. Is there an on-line shop? Am I looking at the wrong web site?

    Have done the Dub marathon 3 times before (1(1990, 97 and 98) and in those years the course didn't actually enter Phoenix Park - is that what we're doing this year or did you mean the run along Chapelizod and Conyngham Roads?

    Sounds to me like a new course, coz those roads alongside the river are flat, aren't they? (You'll have to forgive me - by the time we get to that point of the marathon I'm not paying too much attention, and then there's the Guinness afterwards . . )

    Thanks for letting us all know . . RichK

  • Mick (and all)

    Just refreshed the web site on my browser - got "new" web site - see what you mean.

    Another new course - new start, new finish.

    New horizons!
  • Dublin will be my first marathon and I am really looking forward to it now. What is the story with the breakfast run on the Sunday?
    Any URWFRC t-shirts going to be on show?
    See you all there maybe
  • HI, I ran DUBLIN last year had a fantastic time great city great people great marathon cant wait to do it again next year.ELLEN
  • Ian and Kathleen,

    Many thanks for the info. i'll try the Clarion. From everything posted above, i'm looking forawrd to the whole thing. I did the Belfast last year (I'm originally from there) 2 weeks after the London and it was somewhat diffent(!). Good atmosphere but we were running among pedestrians by the end and drinks were water from standpipes. Sounds like the Dub will be more like London.
  • Sparks, dont think I'm going to do the breakfast run...might do some light work in the Clarion gym just to losen up then head down to the expo. This is my first marathon so bit concerned about overdoing it on the breakfast run etc!!
  • The Dublin marathon website is driving me mad!! Am I doing something wrong? I just keep seeing the same story from April about Catherina McKiernan. Surely this can't be up to date? Also the results bit doesn't work. It only allows you to see some Norwegian vet 40???? Help!
  • Jamie,
    Unbelievable as it may seem - yes the site IS really that bad. I;m starting to think it's a practical joke.
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