2012 Vitruvian Tri

Hi all *wave* I know it's been a while since I stuck my head in, but life has just been very very very busy recently!  Should all calm down a bit shortly so I can have a catchup on what everyone has been up to, but until then....

I had entered Vitruvian Tri as an individual this year.  However; a little bike accident & broken shoulder sort of got in the way of that plan & as I've only just got back in the pool this week there is no way that I will be able to do it on my own.  So, rather than pull out are there any folks out there who want to do it as a relay with me??  I will be able to do the bike so am looking for a swimmer & runner....


  • Might be able to help out, depends on the date though!

  • IronshasIronshas ✭✭✭

    Oops, sorry, I guess a few more details might help!!

    It's 70.3 distance & is on Sat 8 September near Leicester.

  • OK in that  case yes I can help out, assuming you can change your entry to a relay. If you put me down for the swim! I'm not particularly fast though!! Probably about 45 mins for the swim!!  image

    I've got the Glasgow half marathon the weekend before, I think I'd be pushing my luck to do 2 half marathons inside a week!

  • Shas I might be up for the run but I'm sh*t at the moment to be frank. So willing to take one for the team but thinking best to step aside if anyone else step's in. Just pointed some good swimmer's your way.

  • Hi Shas79 I'm interested in the run part too Im not fast either 2hrs 7 my best but would be nearer 2hrs 20. I'm training for the Marafun round Rutland in November so would be good as part of my training. Pm me if you want let me know more details.
  • image So  Little sister Shas and Trucker relay. Cool image

  • Or little sister Shas and cake relayimage
  • ST - the vit run course wont be anygood for a recce for the mara - even though its a part of hte same course the Vit is run on the dam mainly so doesnt take in all up and downs and trail parts, its basically a road half mara, in fact some road halfs are more hilly image


  • Cheers Doner, looks like its yours Cake image
  • image I really am sh*t at the moment if someone else whats to do it.

  • imageimage any excuse there cake!


  • Actually sarah has pointed out that I had agreed to help her mum's teddy bear show in london that weekend. You can't make it up sometimes. image

  • IronshasIronshas ✭✭✭

    So Little Sis is good for the swim but still looking for a runner if there are any takers...?  I might throw a post on one of the other forums too (scary to go outside the triathlon forum safety net I know, but sometimes you just gotta do it!!).

    Cake - I'm really not fussed on times at all if you did want to do it, but if you have to attend to teddy bear duties then you gotta do what you gotta do image

  • If you can't get anyone I'll take one for the team kid and will talk to bookie about it. I'm suprised no-one else has said yet they are interested.

  • If anything happens nearer date and you need a swimmer, give me a shout. Im fairly local and will be at event anyway, so can swim at short notice.

    Im rubbish at running so you would not want me for that.

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I would be up for swimming and intend to be supporting anyway.

  • IronshasIronshas ✭✭✭

    Just a quick message to say after a bit more digging found someone through a friend of a friend that lives nice & close in Leicester and is available so all sorted now, but thankyou to all for your help, much appreciated!!

  • image thank christ for that through I would have to do some training or something. Shas good luck kiddo and hopefully see you soon.

  • less than 2 weeks away now and theres one fat arsed pirate that needs to lose some lard for the big day or I may do worse than last year, just had a look at the start list - good to see a few familiar faces down there, If Melli can slow up a bit and if Nicko can look like hes really trying to catch me (he always looks too comfy)  it would be much appreciated, I dont want to look too bad.

  • Melli needs to slow up enough so I can get within 115% of her finishing time....please (assuming she wins our AG)image I just expect some serious High 5's on the run route from all you!

  • Running Postie wrote (see)

    Melli needs to slow up enough so I can get within 115% of her finishing time....please (assuming she wins our AG)image I just expect some serious High 5's on the run route from all you!

    Is the Vit a qualifier for anything? If so, good luck.

    Does middle distance have proper qualifiers, or is it the dark art or 'equivalent performances'?

  • 115% for worlds, 120% for euro of your AG winner for long distance - any big race thats HIM and over is a qualifier, easy for Running Postie (F40) - practically impossible for me (M40)  image

  • easy he says! we will see....bricking it now!

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