fast mile time?

Hi i'm new to the whole fitness thing. I'm 29 i'm 6 ft tall and weigh 12 stone and never really ran before but I do some cycling. I've been running for around 2 months on a treadmill 3 times a week, as well as weights, rowing and sit ups, and thought i would try a speed test over a mile (i usually run a couple of miles at a moderate pace) and i hit 1 mile in 4:35 ish (the timer went on a few seconds after i stopped) i'm not entirely sure how much easier it is to run on a treadmill than the road but i'm sure i could have gone a bit faster too. As im new my staminas not great yet, i can do 2 miles in just under 12 minutes at my regular pace, is that good? have you got any tips to improve on my stamina? I have definitely caught the running bug and will be migrating out to the great outdoors soon as i have a 20 mile bike trail right at my doorstep.


  • Blimey that is very good going. Faster than anything I've ever done.

    It could be that the treadmill is calibrated slightly fast though ?

    You could try doing a local parkrun ? They're free to enter and most areas have them. 9am Saturdays. That would give you a better idea of your standard.

    As to getting better - just run a bit more.
  • Agree with above - Parkrun would be a good idea. If the treaddy is right - you have started very well, you should be able to do a 5k in 18-19 mins..

  • Hi gryle, unfortunately running on the treadmill is alot easier than running on the road, so don't look into it that much. However 4:35 is faster than what most people will ever achieve, I agree with the above, participate in a parkrun.

    To improve your stamina, theres no tricks to it, just run more. Small increases in mileage a week will reduce the risk of injury, don't go out too hard too fast.

    Good Luck! 

  • Grief, I really would be surprised for anyone new to running to run sub 5 mins for the mile......let alone 4:35, its borderline impossible!

    There is only one way to find out if/or by how much the treadmill is flattering you........and its to get to your local running track and do a honest time trial. One mile is just a few metres longer than 4 laps of a standard 400m track (1,609 metres). I'd really like to hear how you do.

    Two miles in just under 12 mins is a good intermediate time. Again, the treadmill might be flattering you. It is much, much less impressive than 4:35 for the mile though!

  • Mr Gryle - based on running for two months I don't think you have run a 4:35 mile.

    Try what Jamie suggests or buy a Garmin watch and just find a flat bit of road.

    Perhaps we can all have a sweepstake on your mile time and you can report back.

    I'm going for 6mins 45 secs.

    PS I ran a 4 min mile on a treadmill once (set at a slight inclineimage) - I think though it might actually have been a 4 minute KM based on equivalent road time!

  • Ooooo, the sweepstake is an interesting one! I think Mr Gryle will beat 6:45, tall & slim and with a cycling background and 2 months of treadmill running......I'll go for 5:45-5:55 with decent even pacing on a track.

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