Bored with the lounge...

Yes, it's the lounge running lizard here and you were all spot on. I got so bored with running up and down my lounge that I packed it in! Not to mention the damage it was doing to my knee. But don't despair...have finally joined a gym and am becoming a faithful treadmiller. (I'm not ready to share my times just yet...) Any tips/programs/ideas for running this way will be much appreciated.
Onto a completely different note. I had one of those rare philosophical moments today. At the weekend I went out for a few drinks and later in the evening I was told (for the first time ever (I felt like I was back at school)) "I'm not serving you - you've had enough!" Now he may well have been correct, but here's the irony. Went to McDonald's today. One look at me and you would definitely know I've had enough of those...but he still served me! Where's the sense in that? Anyway, off to the gym...


  • hello
    please think about outside


    You must put on an incline to mimic uotdoor running-about 1%

    never bin told i had enough in a pub, and i should have been

    mayb its cos im female
  • Morning Plodfather,

    Never been told I had enough in a pub. I have been told (by a waiter), when ordering a double portion of Iskender Kebab after a long run, that I should only order a single. After arguing for quite a while, he turned to my husband and said: "she will never be able to finish it". Ofcourse I proved him wrong.

  • Hi Plodfather,

    Im with Hippo - running on a treadmill is dead boring after a while - running outside is much more fun! Try to build up to running outside.

    I have never been told ive had enough, even after 3 pints!! (way over my limit) The barmen/women round our way are obviously strange...
  • Alfie
    im tready queen though
  • Hi Plodfather-
    I think that variety is the key when running. Perhaps you could alternate days on the treadmill with running outside. I like doing a bit of speed training on the treadmill (intervals) - it helps pass the time and I get a bit of a boost with my running times too. Give it a go - you might actually like it! Good luck
  • Hi, Plodfather. I'd echo those who advocate outdoor running. I've only tried a treadmill once and I was sooooo bored. Outdoors is lovely (even in the rain) and once you've plucked up the courage to try it, your confidence grows and you get less worried about what others think of you, whether you're running too slowly or if your bum looks big. I live in the country but even if you're in town, there will be parks and lanes which are quiet and pleasant.

    Never been told in a pub that I've had too much - maybe it's coz I'm a Methodist!!!!
  • Round our way they let you decide when you've had enough. My usual indication is a sudden loss of mobility and speech.
  • Hi
    Watching The Bill on TV's in the gym with headphones on.
    Only way I can cope with utter boredom of treadmill - which is what spurred me on to start running outside. Don't think I could go back to treadmill other than on days when the weather is totally appalling and I wimp out of running outside due to fear of soggy trainers (yuk!).
    Never been told I've had enough in pub. Fairly recently been asked for ID though...which was very odd, as I'm 24, and hadn't been asked for ID since I was 15!
  • if Im having a gym day, I'll put the treadmill on variable gradient - even if its at a fairly low level.. it gives you something to focus on.

    failing that, beyonce is normally on MTV

  • I'm usually an outdoors runner but i'm planning on doing hills on the treadmill in the winter (as can only get out in daylight at the weekend).
    Hills are tough but keep you engaged!
  • Plodfather,

    Have only ever used a treadie but recently turned it to face the tv and now plod along to the music channels. I have a handy cubby hole to stow the remote in and can usually find some good tempo stuff.

    Will have to get out into the real world very soon as have a 5K looming so shall we make a pact to "come out" together? Next training due on Thursday. Are you with me?
  • Have I missed something here? You were running in the lounge? Sounds like that way you get all the pain of running and none of the pleasure. Try running to the pub? :-)

    I've never been told I've had too much in a pub, but I was asked for ID once recently(ish) in the USA when my wife and I went to a restaurant and I ordered a beer. It was a bit unfair, I was 26 at the time and had no ID on me at all, my wife had to plead with the waitress and show her ID instead, just to get a beer!

    One afternoon, later that week, I fancied a nice bottle of Bourbon and so headed to the local liquor store. Clearly if I needed ID for a beer, then I'd need some pretty serious ID for a bottle of whisky so I went armed with my passport and three other forms of ID. Bizarrely, the bloke behind the counter didn't say a thing about my age. It made no sense to me.
  • Thanks for all that. The gym I'm going to has a nice big telly but I think I'll ask for Kylie rather than Beyonce, Bouncer! What I can't believe is this eight week running program thingy. Can you really get to running 30 mins in eight weeks 'whatever level of fitness?' Anybody done it from absolute scratch and being a disciple of the Golden Arches?
  • Hi Plod

    Not sure how old you are, but I have just bought a treadie for home use and I started at 30 mins - well it's slower than walking but looks like jogging kind of style if you get my meaning. I am keeping my HR to 140 or below (so I don't blow a gasket) so I can't go any faster at the mo (well that is my excuse) I feel that I could go on for longer, but I will increase by 5 mins a week and increase my speed if the HR comes down.

    My treadie starts at a 1% incline - won't go any lower.

    Probably me, but I don't find the treadie boring at all. It is my time and I go off into my own little world and sort out all my problems (Iwish). But then again, I didn't get bored bouncing up and down on a rebounder for over an hour at a time. Sad isn't it.

    Anyway keep going and good luck
  • Hi Plod

    You can definitely get to being able to run for 30 mins in eight weeks - I've just done it!!!!

    And I honestly couldn't manage the first run/walk 90 seconds step, only managed my first 90 second run on the fourth repetition.

    I run outside, and really can't believe just how many squirrels there are out there :-)

    Let us know how you get on.

  • not sad servalan
    i like tready too
    if you ever enter outdoorraces, you have to run outside, cos its not the same
  • Hi all, I like treadies cos I can run longer and faster on them without getting sore knees.Last Friday i ran 10k in 39:09 on a treadie,and can`t seem to get anywhere near that time when running outdoors.
  • Im slower on a tready
    much as i love them
  • I tend to push myself harder when on a treadie,probably because the car is never more than 20 yards away if i collapse with exhaustion
  • have you run outside?
  • Hi, Plodfather.

    Yep, those 0-30mins beginners' schedules work. Took me ten weeks (I repeated a couple of weeks when I struggled a bit) and the first time I ran non-stop for 30 mins was a wonderful feeling. Can now tackle 10k runs (slowly!) and have recently joined my local running club (plodders' section).

    There's no secret or mystique about it ... but you MUST stick to the schedule. I really did follow it to the letter. Motivation tends to come and go and I sometimes had to force myself out for a plod. But if you really want to succeed, you'll do it.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.
  • Hips - I don't plan (at the moment anyway) to do any races. However, should I find that I am able to run for long times/distances on the treadie I might have a try at the great outdoors. However, winter is coming and I am always cold so maybe next summer.
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