Newbie starting?

Ok, this might sound stupid but i was just wondering how you started running and how far you ran, and how much by did you increase the distance/time you ran. Also do you recommend any good running gear such as shoes ect. Also do you wear a normal T-shirt or do you get one of those dri-fit ones?

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  • Firstly I am just a runner not an expert and secondly without knowing how fit and fatimage you are this is inevitably a bit vague. I will presume you are not that fit based on your questions. 

    A couple of years ago I trained my 17 year old daughter (5ft 1 - 8 stones - no other exercise) from not running at all to a HM in 2hours 7 mins in 12 weeks.

    We started by running on grass and she just used cheap trainers and in week 7 we invested in some proper running shoes for her (but only spent £50-£60 so low end of range). By then we were running a long run of around 7 miles on road (so probably left it a little late to get the shoes).

    She never ran in anytihng more than a normal T-shirt including the HM itself.

    Her first runs were 8 mins slow jog 4 mins walk 8 mins slow jog. We did this twice a week then at weekend we ran 12 mins slow jog (8+4) 4 mins walk and 9 mins slow jog and just slowly increased it every week until we got up to around 10 miles running in 10 th week with the same 4 minute walk in middle - this used to really work as a motivator in the early difficult miles.

    She managed to run the whole HM without stopping.image

    If you can't manage 8,4,8 then make up your own combination that you can do but it needn't leave you feeling wrecked - keep it fun and 'easy' (if it starts walk 8, run 4, walk 8 then that's okay too).

    Try and pick 3 mornings/nights a week and go whatever the weather - making it part of your routine will make it more likely that you keep it up.

    The important thing is to gradually build it up but there is no hurry to do this - if you have someone who you can go with then even better however apart from this 12 week period with my daughter I have run on and off for 30 years and have always run alone. 

    Once you can run 3 miles in one go you have basically got it sorted and it is just a question of dedication and commitment after that.

  • I started as a 32 yr old, 15st, 5' 10" blob, had no idea how to train, walking never occured to me.

    I started with a single 1 mile in 10 minutes. It nearly kiiled me. Two days later I did it again, two days after I did 15 minutes, with no attention to distance. Two days later another 10 minute mile, two days later 20 minutes.

    So basically I increased my running by 5 minutes every 4 days, with a 10 minute mile in between. In 6 weeks I was running for 1 hr, so about the same as Skinny fetish fans daughter.. though I was twice her age and weightimage


    My ex's step father started running by entering the FLM, his first run was 12 weeks before the start line and he did 5 miles straight off, not having run for 20 yrs since being in the navy.

  • At 51 I had my first try at running and started with the Wii Fit! I could jog right through Eastenders so tried it outside and managed all of 30 seconds! On to the 0-30 in 8 weeks program and managed to complete it in 6 weeks and ran my first 5k race in 27:40.

    2  years after stopping I've just started again and jog/walked 5k 10 times before completing 5k without walking in 34:00 yesterday. I have decent shoes (£60) and do wear dri fit luminous t's most of the time (almost all single track round here). Other than a decent pair of shoes your clothing is not that important imho though you can get a decent T for running for the same price as a named 'ordinary' T.

  • 3times a week with rest days in between,start of week one 25 min power walk and 1 min jog at the end then each week go a little further
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