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In the main I think the BBC have covered the Olympics, all sports, really well though I think they were a bit out of order trying to interview Bolt et al from the 200m last night when the Kenyan national anthem was being played for David Rudisha.

But whenever David Bond comes on I find myself reaching for the remote.  He is so negative.  He was in his glory before the games when issues like G4S security came under fire and even now when we are having a succesful time he will find something negative in it.  Who can forget Cavendish snapping at him after the road race.

I always found him the same  before the games but this just gives him too much time on air, come on BBC get shot of him.

Loving Hazel Irvine on the breakfast news at the moment, gives a well informed and positive start to the day.


  • Yep he does come across as right tosserimage

  • i was totally disgusted by him dragging the youngest away whilst the anthem was being played.totally disrespectful......

  • I agree, they all seemed to want to genuinely show respect for the national anthem but he just was so pushy to get the interview through at any cost, maybe he was getting orders from producers? But either way 60 seconds wouldn't have made much difference. The athlete came across better then he did! Great race though.

  • Isn't the guy doing the interviews called Phil?  There was some hoo-ha earlier in the week about him grabbing hold of the athletes to interview them, which I thought was a little OTT.

    I agree that the BBC were disrespectful to Rudisha trying to do the 200m runners' interview during his anthem.  The BBC could have waited as Bolt, Blake and Weir had actually stopped.  Those three chaps themselves all came across really well;  listening to the anthem respectfully and then thanking Birmingham for putting them up at their camp. 

    David Bond does seem a bit on the miserable side, but I've only seen him on the news programmes.  I also was plesantly surprised to see Irvine given the morning gig.  I'd rank her way above Sian Williams but I still have a soft spot for Susanna Reid. 

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  • To be fair to Phil Jones, he has a small window of opportunity to grab the most famous athlete on earth while a great many other media people are also trying to get him, with an editor in his ear telling him to do it now, do it now etc etc. He does at least show in his questions that he has a knowledge of the sport and what the athletes have been through in the months and years before the Olympics. What they do is not easy and if you miss out you might find yourself out of a job at some point.

  • Yes I think the interviewer on the night is Phil Jones.  David Bond is used much more for big reports and summaries on the main news broadcasts.  The spat with Cavendish appeared to me because athletes don't like him too much.

  • The spat with cavendish to me just conformed he's a t*sser Cavendish had just had a nightmare ride for his game plan and here was some fool asking d*ckhead questions when all he wanted to do was get drunk and cry.

  • I didn't think Cav drank ?
  • Bolt and co were waiting patiently............they always give the BBC a interview as they know they have so many fans living in Britain...probably nearly as many as in jamacia.................and with Britain being the home nation then there is no way they would have missed giving an interview................he was just plain disrespectful

  • Yeah, that David Cameron, he's a dreadful mayor, isn't he!


  • I was at the stadium on Monday and all the Media (my seat was next to a bank of media desks) were standing for the anthems

  • The Phil guy is a bit too touchy feely for me. Especially with young girl athletes. I'm sure he is above board but surely realises you can't just go round putting your paws all over young girls on live TV. I'm surprised nobody at the BBC has ever picked him up on it.
  • From calling him a negative reporter, to a "letch" in 14 moves.

    That must be a RW record?



  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Worst post race interview  was Hazel Irvine and the winner of the mens road race (bikes) - seemed to think he'd want to spend his moment of glory talking about why Cavendish didn't win.    Can't stand her - so anodyne she makes Lineker look like a personality - was more impressed with Tanni G-Ts knowledge of the cycling and the horsey woman (whatever her name is - did a decent TV show riding round the UK on a bike) has put in her usual good performance.   

  • I believe I said I'm sure it's all above board my dear Stephen. There is a huge gap from being touchy feely to being a letch.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    We can't find much fault with our team this time round, highest medal haul ever, (ignoring the 1908 games when only about 3 teams competed), so let's find pointless faults with random other things that don't matter.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    What did Bond ask that so pissed Cavendish off?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Muttley, he had the audacity to ask if the gruelling Tour de France had knackered the GB lot out a bit.

    apparently a stupid question...

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ah, I see. So as BBC sports editor was he asking the question on behalf of the armchair peleton at bike ponce dot com? Or on behalf of the bloke on the Clapham omnibus who has been cheering Cavendish and his mates on the telly during the Tour de France and in his ignorance might have been wondering ...?

  • Yes, agreed, surely everybody knows that if you run 100+ miles a couple of weeks before a marathon, it has no effect at all, so why should it on a bike?image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    It was a legitimate question as far as I could see, ie ...someone who knows jack about cycling.

    There were about a million other questions that could have been asked...why he was such a favourite just because he's a good sprinter, when the race is about 150miles...why Britain thought other teams would sit nicely, just waiting for him to wheel away and win, and what's the point in being in a team when you sacrifice yourself for 1 rider , when only the individual gets the medal.

    but we covered that afterwards....

  • Talking about presenters. Helen Skelton - BMX babe. Umm

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