Help/advice needed.


I currently training for the Liverpool Marathon in October. I'm in week 7 of a 16 week intermediate training programme.

On a 3 mile run on Tuesday, I rolled over my ankle and have strained either a muscle or ligament on the side of my leg just above my ankle. Its not painful to touch but is causing discomfort when I walk. I've rested it now for 3 days but its not got any better, although it hasn't got worse which is good. I've also iced, heated and stretched the muscle and also taken some voltarol to ease any inflammation.

What I need to know is should I try running on it now or rest more? I was due to run a total of 37 miles this week with a long run of 17 miles on Sunday. My training has been great so far and I ran 35 last week with a long run of 16.5 miles.

I don't want to miss too much training as my goal this year is to run it in 3:45 as I did 3:56 last year.

Also, any advice on how I should pick up training once my injury is healed? For example, if I was to miss the rest of this week and pick up again from week 8, should I do that week as planned or do more/less?

Any tips are greatly appreciated!!!!


  • I had a similar problem a few weeks ago getting ready for Liverpool also, I self diagnosed it as tendinitus in my left foot. but Advil, ice, rest and cutting back on some miles helped alot. Also I switched shoes to a more cushoned one and started using arch supports in all my shoes.

    My advice is to rest it up, its frustrating thinking that youll miss out on some miles but like with my injury I was worried that if I tried to keep up with my program id further injure myself and miss out on more, If you hit 16.5 miles you should be able to miss a long run and just make some miles up when you heal. Im glad i took a little time off and my foot is feeling like normal now, the only problem now is dealing with the heat on my long runs.. Any thing after 8 am even when I start at 530 is extremely hot and humid in Florida...

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