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I posted a thread about 12 days ago, about my partner giving me the evil look about running while on holiday, and there was generally mixed feedback, which is understandable. But basicaly, we reached a comprimise, i would do shorter runs, and over less days.

Here is what i did.

The day before my camping holiday, i ran 13 miles, and then i ran about 5 miles on Thursday, the same on Sunday, and the same yesterday. Definitely less than what i am used too, but there was the problem of trying to keep my running gear dry for the days ahead, and fighting tiredness, since camping, is not 5 star holidaying, it is a hard slog, and although it is fun, it is also backbreaking work.

When i did do my runs, the first one, was basicaly the blind, not knowing what was round the next corner. Also there were some severe bends, with no way to move to one side, if traffic came, meaning i had to play chicken with oncoming traffic. But, the next two were good. I ran up the road next to my camp. Basicaly a long hilly road, about 0.7 mile long, and was a heck of a climb. I did that 4 times, plus the return journey down, and i made sure i stretched every day.

I am doing my first proper long run tomorrow, so will be interesting, and i have Seaford half next weekend, which is flat, and is 4 laps. I know i can complete it, but doing it in 1.30 something would be nice. My PB, was Brighton when i did 1.34.07.

Anyway here are my boring random thoughts...


  • i too plan to get up early  and get a few light runs in,ive been building my miles to 16 at moment do iam in need of taking it a bit easy,will do some hill runs and just go out for under an hour!(or i will to get an ear bending)! 

  • ha ha.. i am with you there jeremy, and i did a run today..not bad, but the heat got the better of me.. i must be the only person who wants summer to be over, so i can get my running times back...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @ghostrider - thanks for coming back and updating us. Do you feel tha the break actually didyu some good? Being able to rest the legs etc?
  • Emmy_bug wrote (see)
    @ghostrider - thanks for coming back and updating us. Do you feel tha the break actually didyu some good? Being able to rest the legs etc?

    Interesting one Emmy... i am not sure if it did. If you asked me the same question over a winter holiday, you might get a clearer answer, since i am not a warm weather runner, so i felt very tired the first run i did back, but it was a hot day. I did a run yesterday, my version of interval training, which is to do 5 miles as quick as i can, and i did it in 35.13, but i have on cooler days done it in about 34.46.

    So back to your question. Did the break do me any good? Maybe a little bit, but overall not really.. i hadnt over trained in the weeks before, and i tend to feel a rest helps me better if i have done this..

  • I am going away in about ten days for a week with my OH and 3 girls. I willbe going for a few runs on holiday - OH doesn't mind as I usually run at SOC and am back befor the girls have ahd their breakfast. As long as I do this on holiday it will be ok.

  • Similar - as long as it doesn't impact family time - do it! Nothing like taking off along a beach without your shoes on. I also find it's a great way to get the feel of a city. Whenever I'm overnighting on business I pack my trainers. Last time out was New Orleans - hot, humid, but to go running along the Missisippi when the rest of the city is still sleeping is awesome. Plus you can cover a lot of ground. Then, when the rest of your family is up you can impress them with your navigational skills!

  • I always wish I had found running earlier in my life since I have been to a lot of countries and only now do I see their running potential. BUt still at 38 I guess I not over the hill just yet. I love running down Brighton though much closer to home.
  • Just got back from 8 days camping in Cornwall. Upped my training to enjoy being able to run in new places, straight from the campsite into country lanes and roads. Got up fairly early (about 7 every morning, back as the kids just starting their breakfast). Did 8.7, 6, 5.8 off road inc coast path, 2.9 very hard, 5.7, 6 and 8.7 miles. 

    Also managed to get 4 decent swims in whilst everyone happy on the beach.

  • Evening all,

    I've just spent 2 weeks in Cornwall on holiday, and managed a total of 6 runs, or 70 miles.

    I decided this time to do less runs, but to make each one a bit longer, so did 8m, 17m, 14m, 3m (with my son), 21m, and 8... I think that will have kept the endurance ticking over, and most of them were early starts (out by 6am) which meant they didnt use up too much family time. image

    Exiled - if you had 4 days on the beach we must have been in very different bits of Cornwallimage
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