Need places in Snowdon Marathon ?

Gutted though we are, and it has long been my desire to do the Snowdonia Marathon on 27th Oct 2012, my wife and I can no longer do it this year due to her recent injury.

Soooo if anyone out there is frustrated that entry is closed and there are no more places going anywhere, you could be lucky!

We have two affiliated places confirmed on the website, but the organisers don't permit deferring to next year. If you want to get hold of them you can pay me instead, and I then inform the race crew for them to change our names on the site.

Give me a shout if you are interested.



  • Hello Nigel are either of your places still available?



  • yes both still available if you interested. Sorry for not replying earlier - email didnt reach me and i havent logged on in a while.

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