what tt bike

Please help im looking at spending between 2-3k on a tt bike. too much to choose from any recommendations!!!!!


  • There's going to be a lot of choice in that price bracket and I would say there's some cracking offers out there at the moment, best to get out and try some?!?

    I have a BMC TM02 shim 105, but there has been a price drop and you can now get the Shim ultregra version for 2.25 and then upgrade wheels?

    I love my bike, so makes me biased
  • Get the one that fits you the best. A bike fitting should be your starting point if you're planning on spending that sort of cash.
  • Get one that you feel comfortable on .. it took me weeks and weeks to find the one that was right for me

  • Or buy a red one .... they're always faster image

  • Red costs more to insure... Fact!
  • yellow and black ... it has to be yellow and black image

  • i know its all about the fit and i totally agree but when you are a newb I doubt that many would really know what it should feel like I have never been retuel fitted but I assume: 

    you go to a retuel fitter and get your measurements and then see which frame comes closest to the ideal measurements and tweek from there, or do the reteul guys recommend a frame. If the retuel fit is a part of a bike shop that sells brands A b and C surely they are going to recommend one of them even if there is a better alternative in another make.

    When i had a LBS fit they stood me up and measured certain points with a laser and input that into a program and off he went and set up the bike, a very crude method indeed but it did get me started and I tweeked it to my present position. This obviously didnt take into account my pelvic angles and ammount of mobility i have but did work and was free. Anyone think i would gain a lot on having a retuel fit? Anyone had a retuel fit that didnt actually make a lot of difference? yes, i am a tight arse and would rather spend £200 on pasties and kebabs or maybe a aero lid image .

  • So we all agree that priority number one is how shit hot it looks stationary followed by does it fit/is it comfortable?
  • Obviously!! Need you really ask!!

  • Although I'm a little concerned that Donner is considering  wasting 200 quid of pasty money on a tw*t hat!!

  • There is a pretty good iPhone app called size my bike, costs a couple of quid, input loads of measurements of your human form and it's not a million miles from my retuel fit - fact....

    So good point DK but if you're dropping that amount of coin you won't be spending ??200 on a bike fit really, but you will be stuck with a few brands at the stealers preference as you quite rightly state. I.e, some LBS offer free or very discounted bike fitting using retuel when u spend north of 2k

    iPhone app, measurements against manufacturer website, check for stock at LBS and test ride - Evans whilst not everyones cup of tea do stock a lot of TT bikes and do test rides and have a number of brands to try... You could do far worse
  • Beer money and some go faster name stickers for 200 surely? Does that cover the pre IM bar bill?
  • Rafiki - not a pecker hat - one of the smooth ones without loads of vents, the lid i use atm is a pain in the arse, every time i go over about 20mph ( which isnt often, before you say it  image ) and I have a side wind i get a sound like theres a car behind me - drives me crazy. Its a crap lid that i got when i first bought the bike so want a better fitting/more comfortable one.

    gastank - sounds similar to what i had done at the LBS when i bought my bike, i think pasties is the way to go image 


  • get the colour and the overall look right and you can't go wrong!  oh and get a bike fit , watch itv 4 on replay for the bike show last week they covered bike fitting

  • DK - I can sell you some gaffa tape to cover the ventsimage.

    I picked up a twat hat for £60 t'other day.

  • Oh dear, it's all over, Cat has a penis helmet.image

  • You mean that's what his head normally looks like?!?

    Will he be changing his nane to IronCa5t in theTwatHat
  • Probably just TwatCat or Pussy for short image

  • IronTwatCat surelyimage
  • IronTwat the Pussy?
  • Cheers guys, looks like i need a bike fitting, then ignore that and just pick a good looking bike! ha ha.

    love the twat hat and penis helmet comments very amusing!!!

  • Mark you need to change your name (Tyrant?) and then get your ass over to the Fatman to Ironman thread so we can sign you up for your first IM (and you can join a few of looking to break the IM cherry next year), lots of exotic locations on offer... Tenby, Bolton, Northhampton, Henley, Lanzarote


  • Mark, if you are going to 3k, look at something like the cannondale slice 105 and spend the difference on some aero wheels.  Alternatively, wait for the sales in September and get a decent frame for around a grand. Add a group set bars etc and you wont be much over 2k  There are lots of bargins out there.  Position and fit will make you go quicker over a name or colour.  That and training.   I would definatley recommend a retuel fit too.



  • The Planet-X Exocet is pretty sweet! They usually do good deals on their website including aero wheels. Is a fit really that important in choosing the actual bike to go for? I figured you would get the right frame size, buy the bike then get the fitting done afterwards for the finer adjustments?

  • PX offer a half price retul fit if you buy a bike. 

  • +1 for the retul fit

    I bought a frame last january at 50% off, then continued the theme picking up lots of components at 40-60% off.

    Some things were at 0% off though (r2c gear shifters - lovely)

    Wheels cost me ??250 down from 500 (only 30mm deep). this year ill wait and get a deeper set for racing and keep those for summer training

    Before i bought the argon, i was seriously looking at the cannondale and the planet x

    Both looked sensible ways of getting a tt bike
  • Another +1 for the Retul.

    I spoke with PX and Bike Science in some detail before buying a Stealth, as I was going for second-hand. Got new in the end, but I knew it would fit.

    Got the final fit at Bike Science in Brizzle, which took hours. And as Cougie says, was half price.

    B_Kins - read up on Slowtwitch about long/low and short/tall. Some frames fall in to one bucket, others in to the other. It all depends on body type.

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