Achey breaky shins

Hi everyone image I'm looking for a bit of advice about my shins please. I've done a search on here but there's such a myriad of posts on shin splints, shin pain etc that I'm now a bit confused :-S and tbh I don't even know what a shin splint is. What I do know is that when I did some shuffling on the treadmill this morning my shins felt sore. I don't think that they were painful as such, they just felt like the muscles were a bit tight, like you would expect them to feel the day after a hard workout, if that makes sense? I've only been to the gym once last week and twice this week so I don't think that I'm over-training. The only thing I can think of is that maybe my first 1 minute stint was a bit fast? As soon as I slowed down and started walking it out they felt fine. I eased up on the speed for the other 4x 1 minute stints and they seemed to be better. I haven't had any problems with them all day but when I just took my dog for a walk, I tried a 10 second jog and they felt a bit sore then too. Can anyone give me some advice please? I don't want ruin it before I even start!! Many thanks Rosie


  • Ps sorry about the format of that message as I posted on my phone. I didn't realise that it would come out in one big paragraph! :-/
  • How long you been running and what sort of running? Could be normal!

    Shin splins are way more than an ache,you may have just gone tooo fast and they are just sore..

    2 days of rest then try a light jog...
  • Hiya. I've only been running 5 times and each session has been 10 mins walking warm up followed by 5x 1 mins slow jogging and 5x 3 mins walking it out, followed by a 10 min walking cool down. I've deliberately started off slow so as not to injure myself.

    I'll have the weekend off and do another session Monday to see how it goes. Thanks for the reply image

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