Stress fracture or ligament strain

Got pain on the boney bit on the top of my foot that doesn`t seem to be shifting. Hurting after 15 mins running even after a week of rest.

I can`t afford to go to a physio at the moment but I was thinking of going to minor injuries at the hospital to seek a diagnosis and ideally an xray. Is that a sensible way to get help?


  •  the Egyptian toe, I remember you running in races near me. If your GP is in Sheffield , ask them to refer you to the Foot and Ankle Clinic .They have a great Physio/podiatry team with ulta-sound and Xray facilities. can rule out if boney or muscular.Team does clinics in town and Jordanthorpe.

  • Thanks.I can`t go through the GP at the moment really (bit complicated) but I wonder if I can push for a referral through the minor injuries. Thanks.

  • ET minor injuries in the hallemshire will take you if you go in there conplaining of pain. You will probably have to wait two hours before your seen through I've gone down that road in the past and got a referal to the fizz there straight away. Hope it's not needed through and what melbow said might be better depending on stuff. 

  • Thanks Cake. I reckon I`ll do that. Quite painful today after 4 miles yesterday. Just got to pick the best time to go to minor injuries.

  • Had X-ray today. No break but it has made my autumn mara look very unlikely. Ta for advice.
  • image Oh no Whats the pogosis?

  • imagelookin like 2nd metatarsal ligament tear. but better than stress fracture.

  • Did they sort you for the fizz?

  • No. I was so relieved that it wasn't brok that I didn't ask. Just said proper rest so I'll avoid running for a week or 2.
  • Not so sure that's better. Ligaments can take a long time to heal...

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